Share your farming horror stories

Just play normal mode where you always feel like a red headed step child.

The game is so easy anyway that on my first playthrough I checked the difficulty about 10 times because I couldn’t believe I was playing on “normal” and thought I had it set to “easy”.

My horror story wasn’t even in BL3, but BL2, farming the Warrior to get a Conference Call. After just getting through UVHM for the first time I got into a groove that managed to kill the Warrior in about a minute. Didn’t really matter as it still took me 5 hours until I got my ■■■■■■■ Conference Call. I don’t even know how many Leeches I got until then and the worst part of it is that I had incredibly good luck in terms of getting legendaries. I had easily 10% drop rate over the whole time even though that was still with the original drop chances, but the Warrior just didn’t want to drop a Conference Call for me.

OK try this…Normal mode, start the new dlc with a blank level 13 character.
My daughter and I did that and the enemies one level below us were one-shotting us.
We had nothing that could kill the higher damage enemies, every weapon we found was a joke.

Totally understand you dude. My farming attempts were mostly motivated by sheer curiosity as to how ridiculous it actually is and how much time I would have to spend to actually get something usable.

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The scaling in this game is a joke - I believe you.

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Sorry to hear that. All of us farmed for the CC at some point. Farm in BL2 was far from perfect but it had an element of a finite, attainable amount of variables and thus not an impossible length of farming. My experience farming the CC in BL2 was nowhere near as bad, I remember that the biggest problem was finding the right element not the CC itself. BL2 in many ways has a similar problem to BL3 has but of much lower magnitude. The amount of variables is impossible. They could fix that just with the ability to let you re-roll anoints - just that. Not only would it make eridium useful and farmable thus keeping players in the loop but it would also open a door to viably introduce more anointments in the future without having to worry about increasing the variable pool to stupid levels since you would have a chance to impact/correct the rolls. But it’s Gearbox we’re talking about so intelligent decisions is the last thing you can expect. What you can expect though is to be beaten over the head with how awesome women are at the expense of almost every male character in the game - that’s their main focus - sociopolitical indoctrination. Makes them feel purposeful.

I come from the land of rpg type of games and grinding goes along with it but BL seem to make me want to stop cold turkey. It does not wing, bro.

I hear ya. I’m a grinder too. I always enjoyed getting everything myself, no swaps no trades etc. But this game has such impossible odds you don’t even entertain the notion of trying. If you do however you slowly realize that you’re essentially wasting time and you’re not even getting any fun out of it in return. Not that games are the most productive way of spending time, but you know what I mean. When you have an endgame character you wade through the farming “experience” slowly realizing that even if you somehow finally find the thing you’re looking for, all you’ll accomplish is making your character’s damage output increase by an insignificant amount while having just one option of jumping from farming back to the soulless, uncreative, boring content you’ve played through so many times already. What a motivating feeling.

Exactly. Too much variables.

I spent 2 hours one day farming Road Dog for the Hellwalker. Got 2 with garbage anointments.

The next day I farmed Agonizer for 2 hours and got a single Backburner and FOUR HELLWALKERS!!!

World drop rates are way too high on M10, and dedicated drop rates are way too low. I’m getting so sick of how broken this game is.

I just realized I started this topic with BL3 running in the background because subconsciously I don’t want to sentence myself to another day of farming. I’m sitting here talking to strangers on a gaming forum which I’ve never done before because I just can’t bring myself to play the game … Holy ■■■■…

The real kicker to this is that Gearbox higher-ups are sitting in board rooms congratulating themselves on the financial success of BL3. The only reason this game sold in the numbers it did was the reputation it’s predecessor built before it , players trust in that the legacy would be continued and their loyalty, that the company built a financial empire on - rewarded. They really think they’ve done an outstanding job when looking at the numbers that in reality Borderlands 2 not 3 raked in.

This whole thing is so bad I want to wake up and convince myself I was just dreaming.

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farming for ice breaker artifacts with decent rolls :rofl:

got 1 for AR… and it’s for jakobs guns :joy: :joy: :joy: and iirc it got that one through a trade :rofl:

though it’s litteraly maxing out with only that… it’s just a horrid grind seeing atrifacts are a bitch and a half to grind

Artifacts and Class Mods have the most variables I think, farming one with even two out of three stats you want is an impossibility. Not to mention half of those stats are useless, I mean who wants FFYL Duration or insignificant HP regen over things like damage, reload speed and mag size ? The manufacturer specific bonuses should be removed both from artifacts and class mods alike. Gun specific bonuses are enough, you can rarely find a well working gun to match that let alone a match a manufacturer specific bonus. The same goes for “status x chance increased” and “status damage increased” - they do no damage to begin with and base status effect chance is more than enough, especially on fast firing guns, which are all of them once you get enough fire rate… This is the J.J. Abrams school of thought - MOAR IS BETTER ! Doesn’t matter if it means anything, actually enhances anything or causes any problems - YOU GET MOAR ! - BE MOAR SATISFIED !

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yeah i know hahaha

currently using an ice breaker victory rush with increased cryo damage and efficiency (i litteraly freeze everything on headshot) and AR damage :slight_smile:

my zane is a cryo monster :cold_face:

I have a Victory Rush with +42% Cryo dmg but I could never see any significant difference between it and the Pearl really. I’m more of a in-your-face Lob guy so Brain Freeze and careful aimng for crits ain’t really my thing. I have a pretty good Seein’ Dead with Gun Damage and Fire Rate so altogether with Kill Skill bonuses and Fire Rate/Mag Size Pearl my Lob is a machine gun.

I’ve just found a shock Helix with STNL Cryo which is pretty useful in the Guardian Takedown so I think another week or two and I’ll finally find the Cryo + STNL Cryo version I’m after. Probably just in time for another level cap increase. This game is pure joy.

i once tried farming the good juju
after 6 or so hours the first drop

it was a, when IB active annoint, with shock element

i play zane…

other then that
redline 8 hour farm, got no redline
got one waaaay later months later… still

yeah it’s more the AR that’s doing most of the work xD (masher clairvoiance)

I’ve done the Maliwan Takedown countless times, Good Juju dropped for me the first time about 3 months into playing the game. I had to check on the web what the ■■■■ it was, I didn’t even know this existed. Ok gun in terms of mechanics, damage is so sucky thought its unusable on M10.

During the 100% Farming event I tried farming for a Krovy or Resolute Molten Light Show with at least 9500 base damage and The STNL for 100% Cryo anointment.

It took precisely 639 runs for me to get it.

And now that the level cap has been increased I would need to farm a new one with just a 3% chance of it dropping. I say would need, because I have absolutely no intention of doing so.