Share your solo experience

Most people say it’s a multiplayer game, a few say the missions solo are tedious. But we all know it’s actually great :wink:

I had a blast playing all three Borderlands and their dlcs, and Battleborn just feels fresh. All those different characters and their different play style add a lot to the gameplay and keep things interesting for replaying levels.

I feel like Missions 2 to 7 can be done with any characters on Normal. I haven’t tried 1 or 8 with a melee character yet. Hardcore? not so much. Mission 5 gave me hell. Reyna was not a good option either… I do feel comfortable with Marquis, Ghalt (thanks to the key) and Oscar Mike (not powerful enough for me) but it’s really fun playing melee characters, mostly on defense missions.

I did get a couple of gold medals, but mission 3 is the only one I still have bronze.

I need to complete :

  • Hardcore mission 8 (I have to figure out how not to die by falling)
  • Advance 4,6,7,8
  • Silver or higher on mission 3
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advanced heliophage? keep you back against a wall. I like the point furthest from the respawn point, with the twin stairs leading up. Thats where I work out of, excepting conservator shield breaking loops.

I play a ton more solo than in groups because all my friends that played slouched off somewhere with their game ADD.

Love solo, love groups, both offer good plays, win or lose.

I have a 4 year old and a pregnant wife, or I’d play more online lol.

I enjoyed playing solo imensly. The fact that there are so many characters to play as really keeps the action from getting stale.

I was able to beat most levels with melee characters such as El Dragon ( my personal favorite) on Normal but I just found I had to be much, much quicker running around and dropping baddies.

I really liked the unique lines the characters would say in certain levels. Though I wish there were more of that. I loved getting bits and peices of personality from each Battleborn

I absolutely can’t wait for the DLC missions though I do home they follow more of the raid style missions like the algorithm. Also some more clever bosses like ISIC would be great

My son is 1 and I would love to play story missions in a group but you know how it is. Can’t really commit for an hour long mission. Good thing playing solo is still awesome

Haha well, we all have that in common it seems, I have a 2-year-old daughter, and a newly 2 months old boy.

When everybody’s asleep, I try to do a mission, if I’m not tired too…

This was a bit dumb of me but for the first week or so when I played Battleborn I was honestly quite angry. I didn’t know “Private” meant “Solo” so I was very ticked off that Gearbox


Would force me to match up in public to play the game. So for the first week I was playing public PVE but not really into it because everyone was going too fast and I couldn’t get into the swing of things. Then I did a Private PVP and you get no xp I think so that ticked me off again on how “Seemingly” they were forcing EVERYONE and especially ME to play with others

So I remember that we have a forums and read about Private and I just laughed to myself. Beat the whole story with all the characters by myself. I usually do to get to know the characters a bit more. Have a few hours with them first hand before I play PVE with others

Plus I like to go at my own pace so solo is better for me. I am usually watching YouTube or listening to Pandora while I play so it can take me up to an hour just for 1 mission. But this doesn’t bother me at all.

Battleborn is really an unusual game for me. Partially because I suddenly liked co-op play more, way more than solo. Solo is, ugh, yeah, feels boring and unchallenging (which is kinda strange, because you may have a bad time if you got a hero who doesn’t really fit into this mission).

  1. Kill everything on the map. Don’t forget there are mobs under the bridge (the one between 2nd and final defences).
  2. Don’t kill spawn spots like harpoons - let them spawn all the enemies they have.
  3. The boss drops bonus scores 1 or 2 times during the fight and, of course, when he dies. Try to kyte him out of that outer platform before landing a final hit, otherwise many points may fly off the patform.
  4. There are also a few mobs and harpoons spawn when boss flees outside the building, kill them before chasing the boss.
  5. It’s easier to catch bonus points if you play melee hero. Especially when they drop from “normal” mobs, not bosses.

Ah, and this:
Look for “Kill time counter” explained.

What about turrets? I don’t fully understand if they only penalise you for quickkill or kill point all together?

I assume they can both help and hamper your score. If you work together with them, you’ll get less kill time and more point. If they act on themselves, they might extend kill time and you get less score.