Shared season pass

I was all excited when i bought this game to share with my wife but am i reading this correctly that the season pass is account specific for battleborn?

If so i think that’s really stupid. Many people share a ps4 and i feel in a split screen game (the way i play with my wife) this is just unneccessary. I completely understand for online co-op and such but i KNOW it recognizes that the two accounts are local accounts in order to split screen… why can’t it share access on the same physical box or at least accounts that register this ps4 as their home ps4? It wouldn’t change anything for anyone else, this isn’t a competitive pvp game a la LOL, sheesh. Is gearbox really gonna lose that much money from the few thousand people who share the game? I refuse to buy 2 season passes, you have a net gain of 0 gearbox. i’m already missing out on the pre-order skins because we bought it under my wife’s account, now i’m gonna get hosed again if i don’t buy the season pass as well? That’s just plain greedy, i’m not made of money. Borderlands didn’t screw me this way, i bought dlc and everyone could use it.

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Whilst the hero keys, skins and taunts are tied to the season pass holder account, I’ve not seen anywhere definitively stating that the story missions will only be playable by the season pass account holder.

I’m in the same situation, I share the Digital Deluxe Edition with my fiancée. I’m hoping that, just like other games, she’ll be able to play the story missions either split screen with me or playing on the PS4 solo (which is registered as my primary PS4 so in theory she should be able to play it).

Pretty sure it isn’t Gearbox’s decision.
As far as I know I don’t think Playstation Plus subscriptions are shared either

It totally is gearbox.

My wife has the ps plus sub and my account has access to everything she does. We don’t need 2 subs.

games, dlc, online play, etc. Everything.

Yeah because 2K doesn’t have a say in it.

okay? I’m not sure what you’re saying.

But if it’s me saying gearbox let’s roll with “it’s not a playstation/psn issue” since it’s capable of sharing, so it’s a publisher/developer/marketer issue whoever that may be.

happy now? i’m still not.

Bl2 was awesome in that I basically gave my brother Krieg and the first dlc since he loaded his Live account on my xbox. On that note, however, I ended up buying the season pass for my brother anyway so he could take it back to his console.

I can understand where you’re coming from to an extent, but of all the games I’ve played with multiple accounts on my console the ONLY exception to this debate was BL1 and BL2.

just the games i have played and know the season pass shares off the top of my head:

assassin’s creeds
shadow of mordor
dragon age
mass effect

I realize that battleborn is a bit different genre, but it is completely possible to do and i fail to see how it hurts the company not to.

Not intending to impose but why not just buy the season pass for your account? It’s not hellishly pricey-looking at you, Star Wars Battlefront- and you’d be supporting Gearbox

  1. because $20 does matter, i’m poor

  2. it’s the principle of playing a co-op game on a couch and having to pay extra for friends to have the same fun as me. I’ll save up for the season pass once, but twice is painful.

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You can add Battlefield 4 to that list. I bought the season pass for that and my fiancée could play the map packs when she went online on her account.

The question really is about playing the DLC story missions and as such, these really shouldn’t require a season pass for every account on a PS4 (seeing as, I presume, the story missions will be downloaded onto the console). The game itself, if bought from the PSN Store, can be played by anyone with an account on that console (as long as the console is the primary one for the content purchaser). The story missions should therefore also be playable by all accounts on that console.

I think it’s fair enough that keys, taunts and skins are tied to the primary account holder, though.

I’m not trying to be rude by any means when I say this, but as a college kid who works full time to pay for everything I fail to see how $20 would be such a burden. This is the first game I’ve purchased in about a year and I paid the full 80-some odd amount, all because I set aside 20 bucks a month until I had enough.

I am out of college and working a good job far above minimum wage in my state. However house payment, car payment, medical bills, regular bills, 2 kids from 2-4 years, wife a stay at home mom, ETC means my income is currently tight. i don’t mind saving up and dropping $20 a month or so for games. but it’s annoying to have to do this for each and every person in the house who wants to have the characters unlocked.

so no, you’re not rude, just insensitive. :smiley:

also point 2 stands. this is either a co-op game or it’s not. right now it acts like it’s not even though it says it is.

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I agree @Jaxomfaux . My husband and I play split screen. I miss the simplisticness of buying a full game and not needing separate accounts and separately bought DLC…

May just be but my wife’s account doesn’t have season pass but mine does and she received early access for Alani when they released her for season pass holders

They also released for open beta players which is how I have her too.

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