Shared Stash Location?

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.

Yet to find it, but then I spent 10 minutes looking for a mailbox to pick up my VIP stuff until I realised it’s in the pause menu. Doh! Probably not gonna find it myself unless it’s part of a task again :smiley:

To be fair they don’t make it obvious when they say mailbox in the Shift menu that they mean the one in the pause menu. I’ve noticed a lot of things are left to trial and error, like realising pressing up on the d-pad sends Fl4ks pet to what you’re looking at, it didn’t bother telling me about that unless I missed a prompt due to the teeny tiny text.

If it’s a Claptrap quest again, I did his first mission and no new quest showed up afterwards so might be further down the line.

Found it… Once you make a second character, your bank, in its entirety is shared… 50 max space…gfrrr.