Shared vehicle parts

I would love it if we could get shared vehicle parts between all our characters. I’m a completionist and every new character I lay through as I have to spend hours finding all the parts again and again. I create one of each character and then another of each for different builds so I’ve done it time and time again. It would be such a quality of life change for the game. Anyone else agree?


At least the rare spawns should be shared. All other parts are from missions or crew challenges so it’s ok to be seperated.


I’ll agree with that. You’d still need to compete your crew challenges but all the paint jobs are just frustrating to refarm and there would be no benefit to having the jet engine at the start of the game. Maybe crew challenge parts could be locked for other characters until they do it. I always complete the crew challenges for the exp

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Yes please, trinkets, room decorations and weapon skins are shared, but not the vehicle parts? It would be a cool qol improvement.