Sharing my thoughts and possible additions to the game that I think would be good!

I see a lot of comparisons to 2 in the forums but after going back to play The Pre Sequel, I always wonder why people don’t look back at this game first.

Many people will say that The Pre Sequel was not as good as 2 but usually that’s when treating it as a follow on game for 2. When really, it’s more a smaller before game of 2 - giving more backstory to not only Handsome Jack but other characters from the franchise. But it also included some features that I think were great. I’ll list a few here :

  • Slam : going back to play, using slam felt so much more natural. And that is because of the low gravity but there are also missions that encourage you to utilise this ability. It was so fun slamming in the middle of a fight to cryo enemies around me! In 3, it feels a little bit more clunky because mid battle, you have to find a ledge to jump from. In TPS, you could reload, jump to avoid damage then slam and be back in the fight. It would have been nice to see more utilising of this ability.

  • The Grinder : When I first saw this machine way back when I first played, I thought it was a bit of a cheap way to get better weapons. But eventually I grew to like it and had me actively picking up loot to use in the grinder for that chance of a legendary. I’d love for there to be something similar put into 3 - so those multiples of legendaries that I got with no anointment? I can put into the grinder and actually use my eridium. Save when you start the grinding process and then that way, people can still make a farm profitable. As someone who hunted two months just for an anointed Jackhammer to only get one with a bad anointment and a bank with 42 Jackhammers in, it would be nice to use them for another chance.

  • Disabling Badass Tokens : The Pre Sequel gives you the option to temporarily disable the points you’ve spent in your badass token section which I used when playing a new character. To make it more challenging. And I never understood why they didn’t utilise this for 3 - or even have it so you could select what you wanted to disable.

  • Special Weapons : Or in this case, glitched weapons that were introduced in the Claptrap DLC. Having legendaries is cool but it was fun to get these glitch weapons and work out their special bonuses. It was the same with pearlescent weapons in 2 - it was just that extra rare loot. And with the amount of legendaries in the game, they could have trimmed a few and put them back as special weapons. Special mention goes to e tech guns from 2. While not quite rare or coveted as pearls or glitch weapons, they were still fun to have and find.

  • VH specific dialogue : This is what made The Pre Sequel really enjoyable for me. Seeing how my vault hunter talks to other characters and how they in turn talk to me based on who I’m playing. It made me want to play again with a different character thinking : “I wonder what Janey says to Athena” or “I wonder how playing Claptrap effects this part”. It was a really nice touch that made it feel more immersive.

  • Enemy variety : The Pre Sequel had a nice balance of enemies that didn’t make me feel like I was always shooting the same thing. The Guardians leading up to the fight and even the boss fights felt challenging and engaging. Whereas in 3, it felt more that all I had to do was hold down r2 (console player here) and it will die. There was a lot more moving around and repositioning, taking cover because I was low health (and here was not nearly so much health regen outside the skill tree or transfusion grenade) and having to learn a boss’s attack pattern. Wotan admittedly pushed this more than other bosses but the enemies felt repetitive. The Valks were new and yet they didn’t feel new. It wasn’t the same feeling as when going into the claptrap dlc and having these viruses that adapt to the first element you use - forcing you to not only think about your weapons choice but just being an interesting concept in general.

  • The Vault : Okay this one is more a personal gripe than an addition they could do but leading up to the final fight was so much cooler! The variety of guardians, the journey there and the area where you fight the sentinel is just so pretty and mysterious! The fight itself? Challenging and thinking about positioning, taking higher ground when he has made the floor dangerous and then just when you think you’ve beaten them? Another fight. And the claptrap dlc did this also but my god was that a hard one. And then the lootsplosion afterwards had me looking through it all to see if there was anything good, anything for the grinder etc rather than just looking at the map and saying ‘no legendary? Eh’.

  • Moxxi Cocktail : This was a cute addition that at the cost of Moonstone (TPS Eridium) you could buy a cocktail that would give you a buff for 30 minutes. Convenient if you’re wanting to take on a particular killer robot (he was difficult okay?). Giving me something to do with that Moonstone (Eridium) that benefits me is a nice addition and I could only buy one at a time. And if I save quit, I no longer have that bonus. Given how annoying anointed enemies are (annoying billet sponges!) it would be great.

That being said there are things that I love from 3! And I don’t want this post to seem like I’m hating on the game. I’ve made it clear my opinion on the story of the game but this is more criticisms about other parts. I still play the previous games a lot more but here are some things I love about this game :

  • The guns : backtracking a bit on what I said earlier about the unique weapons, the sound effects and feeling of the guns in 3 made them all feel really unique and fun. And not to mention really satisfying! I will say I have yet to find a sniper I have yet to enjoy or even use but as someone who rarely uses assault rifles, I have so much fun using things like the dictator and watching a beautiful chorus of bullets shoot out from my gun! And the sound effects are so nice too!

  • The Music : TPS definitely has some good music, particularly in the DLC. But 3 stepped it up with the music and I listen to a lot of it on my Spotify. The Handsome Jackbot music is catchy, katagawa fight music is great - they really went all in with making unique soundtracks for each section of the game.

  • The graphics : there’s no arguing that the detail in the characters and environment are stunning in this game. While I wish they showed us more environments that we’d seen before (looking at the botanical garden in Tales, the icy tundra of 2, the ruins of opportunity, the highlands or underground lava caverns - take us back down memory lane with those pretty graphics!) they still gave us amazing visuals. I’ll admit that some of the maps while pretty are pretty empty but that doesn’t make it any less pretty.

  • Fast Travel : Super convenient and if the menu wasn’t so laggy and the load up screen didn’t take so long (but I am console so we’re kinda used to that at the same time), this would be a good send. I forgot how useful this was until I tried to fast travel on TPS only to realise I was miles away from one so needed to save quit then use the one I was loaded back into.

  • Clear Cut Bad Guys : This is a mixed one. I feel in the previous games, there wasn’t so much a sense of us being the heroes. In 2 we were stopping Jack but there was a lot of debate around it amongst fans about whether we’re heroes or not. Usually it resulted in ‘no we’re just the slightly less bad guys’. And in TPS there is no villain - we are adventurers working for a corporation that shed light on a precious character who turned into a baddie. In 3, it was very direct in saying ‘this is the bad guy’ and painting people out as heroes. It’s debatable whether that’s better or not but it was definitely interesting to see them take that kind of storytelling.

There are more I could probably think of but I don’t want to clog up-oh wait!

NO THRESHERS!!! This is again mixed because yes it was a challenging enemy but they freaked me the heck out. I’ve never beaten terramorphus because I get legit uncomfortable. I don’t know if it’s the tentacles, the teeth or the squirming but I hated these enemies. In a good way. But still…it was nice to not get a badass pyro one jumpscaring me mid car ride.

So yeah just some thoughts regarding 3 and TPS. Don’t see a lot of comparisons between the two which is a damn shame as I loved TPS. Be great to hear other people’s opinion too ^^


I’m probably in the minority but I like TPS and Borderlands 1 over 2 and 3. I agree with most of your points here, especially about slamming. It’s completely useless in 3 for me and I end up in FFYL trying it out on enemies. The grinder would turn this game around, considering the drop rates, trying to get that specific annointed would be more realistic.


I remember playing TPS and picking up purple guns I got from farming bosses just to grind them. It gives all weapons some kind of value.

I loved TPS - I feel like it really tied in well with the series, connected to the other games with nods to characters and even fleshing some out more - answering some questions about how Jack got to power and what happened with the others in between.

I love jumping and boosting around before slamming into a group of enemies. I honestly thought when we entered Skywell that we were going to get a nod to it.


I really like just about everything the OP has said!

I want to highlight a few items:

I LOVE the idea of disabling some, but not all Guardian Rank items by line. Sometimes the benefit is actually a detraction from some builds (e.g. those that want their shields down as long as possible). Even better could be if you could REVERSE a Guardian Rank line by line…so if you earned super fast shields you could switch it so you had super slow shields for some builds.

I like the idea of VH specific dialogue. I thought they advertised BL3 as having that, actually (IIRC). However, while each VH may say something different when it is their turn to talk, the words they say are sandwiched between the exact same dialogue as all the other vault hunters.

The Grinder and Moxxi Drinks. Yes! Would love to have a reason to pick up purples/use “wasted” legendaries. Would also love to have something useful to use my eridium on.

And I agree with all of your positives on BL3 as well. It is a great game. It could be improved, sure, but it is still pretty great!


Totally agree with the TPS love. Recently went back to playing it and shared some of my thoughts here: Returning to Elpis
Totally miss the slam from TPS, for instance.
Hadn’t thought about the “clear cut bad guys” point, but definitely agree with it.
I didn’t use the Moxxtails much, but they were great for tough boss fights, and I rarely had too many moonstones in TPS, while I constantly see people on here saying they have tons of eridium and nothing to use it for.


I did notice the linking and thank you for doing that :slight_smile: I definitely have far more eridium than I need. And while Earl has his vending machines, I rarely find anything in there of interest.

There are future DLCs that I’m hoping they might introduce some previously used mechanics - especially unique weapons! The glitch weapons were really well suited to the dlc they were put in and the many, many new items in the tiny Tina dlc were perfectly suited to the theme. So seeing more themes uniques would be awesome too!

A couple more positives I want to highlight!

  • Showing legendaries on maps (a blessing!)

  • Being able to change missions with a click of a button without going into the menu!

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And I’ll add the lost loot device. Fighting Haunt, more than once, a legendary fell into the chasm/pit next to him. No worries! Just port to Sanctuary and get it.


A few things I would add in.

From TPS:

  • Jump Pads (even Brick thought they were cool)
  • Zero-G - I know there is a little bit on the Atlas asteroid thingy, but I would like to have seen more
  • OZ-Kits - mostly to do the semi-flying around thing (and more controllable SLAMs)

From BL2:

  • Badass Points - and the whole Badass theme
  • Headhunter Packs - I really enjoyed the mini-missions and surprises, though I would like to see maybe two more missions per map and have at least some of them re-playable.
  • Zombie TK Baha

From BL3:

  • Mantling - I really like this new ability. Always frustrated when you couldn’t climb a simple set of… anything really, but everything else could.
  • Sliding (sort of) - OK, sliding itself is kinda cool as a fun-to-do mechanic, but attaching value to it in a strategic sense with annointments and artifacts is just dumb.
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I like sliding, and use a snowdrift static charge artifact on my melee amara. I slide into combat, at double speed, and after sliding my melee attacks do shock damage that chains. But the sliding isn’t doing much, except triggering the artifact.
I want to make a build around redcard, where I slide into enemies, to kill them, but it just seems really crappy, and I CBA. I might do it at some point, but the game doesn’t feel like sliding and slam are core aspects, more add-ons that don’t work as well. Trying to kill enemies with slam or sliding into them just doesn’t work very well, compared to standing back and shooting them, unlike in TPS when slamming enemies felt like a core mechanic and I used to all the time.

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Just a quick update - I’m so glad they added a few of these suggestions into the game! Easier slams (though I don’t use them personally), the ability to disable some perks and guardian ranks and also Moxxi cocktails! Although the latter is more for streamers, we did get a different kind of version in the little arcade machine in Tannis’ office which was great!

All I pray for now is The Grinder ^^ I have so much eridium and I find so many legendaries, it’s be nice to put them to use!

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