Shayne a Siren?

(Jabrielthomas) #1

Just a theory(obviously), but what if Shayne is a Siren? She’s pretty bandaged up and her arm is covered. What if the coverings are covering up the Siren tattoos. And those brown marks are actually scars from, well let’s say a covering. Maybe the reason she ran from home is due to being a Siren. Either due to fear or just wanting to have fun with it(let’s face it, it is probably the latter). I’ll even go a step further. We all assume that the reason she can become invisible is thanks to Aurox. Could it be she is using her version of phasewalk? Again, just a fun theory.

(orionwannabe) #2

I remember somewhere someone from Gearbox said there would be a couple Easter eggs or small homages to Borderlands. Maybe your theory is one?

Interesting thought!

(Sam Hemmert) #3

Would also explain the explosion with no residue.

(You know... Ireland.) #4

I love Shayne. In my head though she’s just a typical teenager (i.e. no unique / sirenish powers) - cause I love how that moody disinterest contrasts with the presumably incredible strength of character it would take to subdue a djinn - and still act bored about it! :smiley: I wish he was more appreciative of her though…

(Steamwitch147) #5

The scars are from when she bound Aurox to her, there was an explosion. (Don’t want to spoil the lore)

(Jabrielthomas) #6

I know, but I meant they could have been over the tattoos.

(Cat) #7

Sirens also have tattoos/marking going all across one side of their body, right? Well I see some of the scarring/marking on both sides and I don’t really see anything on her arms/face. Honestly I think Alani is a better bet for being a siren, since when she uses her ‘powers’ her tattoos start to glow briefly, despite being all across her body and all.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #8

Wait where is the lore about how shayne got her scars I already unlocked all her lore

(faveveid) #9

Mellka has wings when doing spike

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #10

Uhhh ok then (but really where in the game does it talk about her scars

(faveveid) #11

I dunno I just said it :sweat_smile: that however she could have scars under her jaket and shirt ( I don´t think that tho)

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #12

Yeah the wings seen kinda foe show

(Cat) #13

Galilea also gets wings when fully corrupted. Alani also comments on how she gets a new tattoo when leveling up, not to mention her tattoos glow when she used her powers and such.

(Jakekelava) #14

It could make sense to me. There have also been theories that Zero is a Jennerit, or somehow related to them, due to his colour scheme, number of fingers/toes, red blades, a propensity towards melee attacking, and his love of combat and “challenging” kills. So it defs seems like there might be some BL/BB crossover possible.

( #15

If you really want a Siren, check in Borderlands 1&2 (but not the Pre Sequel) under the hairs of Moxxi, you’ll see some green light :wink:

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #16

I think he sees her as a younger sister. My personal headcanon is that they love each other like brother and sister, but refuse to admit it to each other, or themselves. Adorable.

The only reason I even thought of this, is because when Aurox gets hurt enough, Shayne will yell Aurox’s name, or “Hey lay off the big guy!” and in story mode, if you die, your “revive me” model is Shayne falling backwards, and Aurox holding her.

:persevere: Too much tsundre.