Shayne and Aurox a one trick pony in multiplayer?

Shayne and Aurox have an awesome concept with the shield being aurox but
With the frailty at the beginning of the match and the boomerangs being so slow to fire and travel Shayne and Aurox become a one trick pony with only stealth strike as a viable option other than their ultimate. To improve the character I’d suggest lowering the shield capacity by about 200 and raising her attack by about 25% of what it is now that way her melee becomes a risk reward and this damage increase only applies to when Aurox is out making it true teamwork in a character.

I agree that the boomerangs are very slow, and their damage seems low as well. Although, I thought fetch really helped. I found that most of my kills came from this.

Yea fetch is amazing, but it can become less usefull if you take the skill that stuns instead of fetching. I think she already gets a stun after fetching, that or people are just disoriented after you pull them in. I think Shayne and aurox is pretty strong as is, her boomerang does take a little longer than I like to start shooting but it seems fair that it isn’t her primary damage dealer because its her secondary attack.

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Yes now that you mention it the boomerang does seem fair but fetch could use more range because you already have to be so close to pull it off that you might as well go in by running. So she could use more range on fetch.

Got you moved to the Shane/Aurox discussion section. Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks I didn’t know how to reply to that forum without making one of my own on my phone.

No problem. Enjoy the forum.

Shayne and Aurox has been perfect for ne so far. You have to remember that her boomerang i a ranged attack that doesn’t even need a reload, letting you spam it, so you can’t expect it to be too op.

The fetch distance is fine by me too, especially since most of the fighting you want to be doing is close range, pulling people from far range would make her a bit too op. It’s basically just for enemies who are trying to backtrack while shooting you at mid range.

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Shayne and Aurox is (are?) a fantastic Battleborn. Using stealth to initiate or get past a team fight to the back is probably her best move, as it surprises the enemy and disrupts them, but she is much more than that. Landing a timely pull can be the difference between a kill and someone fleeing, or can pull a key target to your team.

Not to mention, Shayne and Aurox is fast enough and tanky enough to engage directly, especially if you have the right Gear and Helix skills.

As for the boomerang, given you are a melee character I almost feel it is too good. It has pretty long range and though the first throw takes a long time to wind up, holding the button down results in a series of pretty rapid throws that have gotten me a few kills. It can also be a good way to play it a bit safer but still contribute if you are low on health but your team is engaging and every bit counts.


My experience with her (lvl 13 during open beta) is that she is a lot less of a one-trick-pony than most melee focused heroes and very good at her job. Compared to Dendae, whom l think fits the same role, she is a lot more versitile and still not too weak of a mobile ganker to compensate for this versitality.

Ranged harassment, gank harassment, move/stun disruption, hit-and-run tactics with exelent shield recharge.

I like the character. Abstinence is real until 3/5. :wink: