Shayne and Aurox cosplay update 27th May

After playing Battleborn and loving Shayne and Aurox I decided to do a full cosplay of both Shayne and Aurox. This includes a full Aurox made from foam and PVC piping.

This is going to be a weekend project for me and because of time and money will take me quite a while! I’m going to try and update weekly though!

I started, so I could get into the flow, by making her boomerang blade. It’s very hard to find decent reference photos! Also the handle is made from pipe for comfort when holding it.

Once I got back into the flow of making the blade I decided to make the head. I didn’t make this from a premade pattern I sketched out the head on some paper and cut out all the pieces, editing them as I went along to make it look right as a 3D model.

After a days work, this is what I had.

Yesterday I added the top to the head and the tubes for the horns to sit on.

So far I have spent about £15 (I still have materials left for more of the build) and have spent about 6 hours on them.


Looking forward to the completed project!

…Well done :sunny:

Thanks :slight_smile: I have a feeling it may take a while though… Haha

Can’t wait to see this finished.

Well I will be sure to check in on every update to support the cosplay community and impressive talent that goes into making the costumes!

I’m going to try update weekly/ biweekly at most!

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Did you go for the master of Shayne and Aurox skin? :smiley:

I don’t know yet D: I was going to go for the second skin, black and blue is it called? Because the blue shows off more of the details. But I do really like the master skin. So I am torn.

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You already have blue on the shayne’s boomerang though The he purple would also be great so difficult

That is just the colour of the foam, this will be primed and then painted over. Any colours that are on there before the painting stage are purely because kids coloured craft foam is a cheap and effective way to add raised detailings. :slight_smile:

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I thought it was blue on purpose because it looks just like the skin!

Nope! As it goes along you will see all kinds of colours on there, I think I have greens, yellows, reds, purples lol. 79p a pack from a shop called Home Bargains in the UK! Everything will have to be sealed and primed before painting.

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Do the master skin! Implicitly stating youre a master of shayne and aurox lol.
Kinda like an inside joke to all bb players.

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Amazing!!! :scream: Can´t wait to see it finished, Aurox head looks great so far!

Haha yeh I get what you mean Sarvashreshtha8. It’s either be the master of Shayne and Aurox OR the master of more visiable details. Theres a while before I have to decide though!

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Thanks Ganjamira. So much more work to do just on that piece. I have tomorrow and Thursday off though so may be more progress!

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Well either way this looks amazing. Keep us posted!
Ps: If there any chance you have costumes up for halloween grabs. Dibs.

So just had two days off and managed to add the horns and fully detail the head and horns!

First I made the horns, this was SOOOOO time consuming!!! It took about three hours in total to glue them together, it doesn’t matter about them looking extremely rough at this stage as all that will be covered. Not the best photo but:

Yesterday I started carving in some of the lines and detailings on his face, I also cut in the teeth.

And then I detailed the horns with kids craft foam, again the most time consuming thing ever!!
(please ignore the stuff in the background also in the middle of decorating atm)

I also managed to find an excellent way of making the support skeleton for him and how to ‘carry’ him around! Which was something I was kinda unsure about. But I am feeling a bit more confidence about now. I don’t know what to do next now!! I feel accomplished just making the head!

About 12 hours in now!


Looks great! The horn detail and carving is fantastic