Shayne and Aurox Fanart!


I was waiting for this. :slight_smile:

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That is incredibly awesome. It really captures Shayne’s personality, which is something I don’t see often. I’ve always seen them as a playful yet butch tomboy, a Commonwealth punk who knows how to have fun. Can’t pin down exactly which part of the Commonwealth precisely since them voice actor’s American (I believe?), but I get the feeling it’s Australia or Britain. I get a bit of a lower-class Londoner vibe from them.

Also glad that you didn’t push a gender with it. I believe Shayne’s creator said something along the lines of Shayne being nonbinary or gender apathetic. So that’s another thing you’ve got right, along with their aesthetic. Also interesting that you kept the other hand out of frame, and I wonder if that’s because you’re like me and you can’t decide whether they paint the nails of one hand or not. The concept art seems to indicate that but I’ve never gotten a good enough look at the model to be sure.

Also, lovely composition with Aurox out of focus in the background, there. Along with the fire haze used to provide framing.

The only bit of (hopefully) constructive criticism I have is that the general shape of the jawline is wrong. Shayne has the Commonwealth mandibles, that’s how I know where they’re from. You can see them if you look at both the model in the character skin/taunt screen. Going by that jaw, I’m going to guess… American artist? Jawlines are often overlooked when it comes to character design.

Basically, the jawline is much lower giving them a rectangular looking lower face rather than the more triangular jawline in the picture.

I hope you don’t take that the wrong way, though. It’s really meant as constructive criticism and it is but a small niggle. Nothing that takes away from how great this is! Keep up the good work!

Edit: Fixed a couple of slip ups and typos. I get confused sometimes about words, even though I do my best.


Glad you like it :smiley: and I do agree with the jaw needing to be lower. I really appreciate constructive criticism so thank you for that. :acmaffirmative:


I’m sad that this has gone criminally unnoticed, it deserves more attention.

Yeah… that’s life :frowning:

I didn’t see this until now, its pretty amazing, @JoeKGBX would this be a good one to add to the community thread from the other week?


AMAZING!!! :heart_eyes: Great work with her expression and the blurred backgound!

Glad you like it :smiley:

Thank you :smiley:

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You´re most welcome! I wish I had more time for fanart >.<

Will you make a Galilea-fanart too? :heart_eyes:

I posted one of Galilea previously, but I wasn’t really feeling the picture; I might do a redo. Anyway here it is


You’re so amazing! I love your artstyle!! I was super impressed by the Galilea one when I found it and this Shayne one is super awesome.

I love how you put Aurox out of focus in the background. And the fire is intense! Shayne reaching her hand out is really well done.

I’m glad you like my art :smiley: and there will be more to come!

you sir, are a legend! Awesome art!

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Hey, @skerrus is here! How goes it, buddy? Yea, @Derch, I share Skerrus’ stuff as often as possible. Great stuff!

Thank you! Glad you like it :smiley:

Hey Joe! Yup I’m here lol. I think I started posting here before Reddit :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for liking my stuff as always heh.

Both the S&A and Gal are excellent!

I’m guessing the outstretched hand on Shayne is for the gesture she makes when prepping Fetch, yes?

Gal’s expression is VERY characteristic. I feel like I can see her thoughts in the pic. Nice!