Shayne and Aurox Glitches

Reposting some Shayne and Aurox bugs here.

There are a few random glitches involving this character that I would like to inform everyone about (especially the developers if they don’t know about it already).

Stealth Strike Glitches:
(A) After performing Stealth Strike, the first primary attack (4 attack melee sequence) will be halted after the first swing. This will occur no matter how long you wait after Stealth Strike finishes. This glitch is quite a problem as it severely lowers Shayne’s DPS during the crucial moment that the opponent is slowed. This glitch is activated if:

If specifically the lvl 3 “Hulk it out with your Djinn” augment is activated (not the other two lvl 3 augments), and specifically a lvl 4 augment is also activated (I haven’t tested with the “What’s yours is Mine” augment, but I have with the other two) then this glitch will always occur with the first normal melee attack attempted after Stealth Strike.

(B) After Stealth Strike, the bell sound effect continuously plays during certain normal attacks. I believe that this glitch may have something to do with the helix combinations as well, but I am uncertain. Rarely I have had this glitch play for an entire round during my normal attack, which leads me to think that it probably isn’t completely related to the helix augments.

Under certain conditions after hitting with Fetch and activating Tag Team, Shayne’s normal 4 attack combo gets halted mid combo:
Just like the first Stealth Strike glitch I mentioned above, this glitch is quite a problem as it severely lowers Shayne’s DPS in such a crucial moment. Rarely does this glitch halt after one attack, as it usually halts the combo after the second swing.

I know that this glitch always occurs if you attack between the time an enemy is being pulled and when Aurox is returning back to Shayne. I have also gotten this with the “Holding it Down” lvl 4 augment but I don’t know how.

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