Shayne and Aurox help!

So I mastered orendi and now have decided to do the same with S&A but I’m stuck on one of the dumbest lore challenges ever…being on a team with Reyna 5 times. I’ve played at least 30 games with shayne and have only got on a team with Reyna once. So if anyone is willing to help me complete this my psn is SleepOfReason just send me a request and a message!!!

Moved you to online play to help you find someone better

Hopefully you will find someone who can help, however, my main advice, and the way I have gotten through the “Play X matches with Y hero” challenges, is to be adaptive and pick based on what your teammates pick.

For example, I know that as Phoebe I need to play with Marquis, Shayne and Aurox I need to play with Reyna, and as ISIC I need to play with Kleese. If I see a teammates pick Marquis, I pick Phoebe, pick Reyna, I pick Shayne and Aurox, or pick Kleese and I pick ISIC.

There are more challenges than these, this was just an example (Galilea needs to play with Ambra, El Dragon with Kleese, Thorn with Boldur, etc.). But, if you use this method you may not complete one challenge in five matches in a row, but you will work towards a lot of them over a lot of matches. At one point I had progress on five or six of these types of challenges at once and eventually got through them all over the course of dozens of matches. The key is to play a bunch of different heroes so you are always getting something each match, which is better, in my opinion, than playing the same hero each time and working towards nothing if no one picks the hero you need, which is quite likely with an uncommon pick like Reyna.

Join x story mission, hope for reyna, if not then quit without a care and repeat. And even though its tempting to feel bad about leaving many players with incomplete groups, dont. The game is designed this way for a reason :slightly_smiling_face: