Shayne and Aurox need some tweaks

Shayne and Aurox’s “Fetch” skill with the level 4 helix add-on “Holding It Down”, where it stuns on impact, either doesn’t seem to be working or it should set the stun when they land. Too many times have I used the skill and then as soon as they are close they just start hacking my face with no chance to do real damage. The boomerang weapon still seems like it should be a bit stronger as well.

Love the game but there still seems to be a few minor tweaks that need to be made.

No and no lol.

If you chose holding it down enemies aren’t drug at all. They’re stunned where they stand. The ideal way to utilize it it to take the slow at stealth end and lead off with that, then follow it up with the stun as it wears off. That gives you basically 5 seconds of completely dominating a target and makes most 1v1s you initiate pretty easy.

Boomerangs are also fine, if not borderline too good. Taking ricochet nets you a 50% damage increase and then theres a mutation for another 18 at tier 7. Add in some attack speed gear and they out dps almost anybody, and they crit for a ton of damage with like a 2.5-3x damage mod and a base end damage of 80.

Shayne and Aurox are primarily a melee character. The fact they have any ranged ability at all is something to be grateful for. Primarily it gives you some amount of damage output when your shield/Aurox is down or when Aurox is tag-teaming.