Shayne and Aurox Roamer Build Guide

(julianjschmidt) #1

Disclaimer: this is my personal way to play this character and i keep changing things about my strategy, if you see any room for improvement please let me know! the only reason i’m writing down this guide is because its super fun to me and i want to share that! oh and btw: sry for my mediocre english skillz

My stats with Shayne & Aurox


  • roamer
  • harasser
  • initiatior


  • you chose your fight! choose wisely! only engage if you are sure you can get a kill or get away safely! (best case would be both of course)
  • try not to lose life points but use your energy shield, you have a lot! (600 base + ~100 from gear + 240 from level 7)
  • destroy enemy turrets and dive deep behind enemy lines to kill squishies

My current load out features:

    1. A Battery with an unimportant negative effect for free 100+ max shield from the beginning
    1. A Sword (attack speed) with a second Attack speed/damage mod
    1. Gloves(attack Damage) with a second Attack speed/damage


  • 1- (E) - Overshield on successful Fetch (225 more shield makes you win more fights without losing HP at all)
  • 2- (Q) - 3sec Slow with Stealth Strike (makes it hard to get away from you)
  • 3- (E) +105 Shield Recharge/s super strong in combination with the 5th helix node! For the capture mode i use the Mutation (press W) for more damage as long as i have shield active (should be most of the time)
  • 4- (W) - Fetch cant be blocked by other players or minions anymore, you’ll just pull oll of them, also makes it good aoe
  • 5- (Q) - instant shield recharge after ANY skill! super awesome with the node from tier 3
  • 6- (Q) - makes stealth strike even better
  • 7- (E) - More shield for the shield tank!
  • 8- (Q) - you can now get wherever you want with a single stealth strike
  • 9- (Q) - less Fetch Cooldown = awesome!
    *10-(E) - Makes your ultimate pull and slow enemies!

different Gamemodes:


  • try to only fight if you are going to win, otherwise disengage or bait
  • get behind the enemy line to catch squishies


  • Use stealth strike to harass enemies and steal mercenary thralls
    get behind enemy lines and destroy turrets
  • Use Fetch to initiate fights and pull squishies
  • Press “B” to teleport home and get your teams mercenary and shards when you lost some health


  • destroy enemy turrets ASAP! (Boomerang can be useful, you wont lose much hp on a single turret)
  • once the thumper turrets are down you can go behind enemy lines and kill squishies
  • help out where you are needed, map awareness is key

(Xercodo) #2

I use her lore legendary, attack speed dagger, and a crit monocle. If you can lands a few crits when they’re stunned you can practically one shot them. Mikos are really squishy on the head.

Don’t forget her boomerang, can use it to get rid of enemy accelerators from afar without slowing yourself down, and if you can get a few decent hits you can drop another player’s shield before ever initiating the main fight. If they try to run away and you can’t catch up boomerangs can drop them if they have only a sliver of HP left, particularly satisfying when they’ve already ran into their base where the invulnerable turrets are :stuck_out_tongue:

I pretty much match the same Helix build, but on meltdown I sometimes run aura of annoyance, can help take out clustered groups of small minions, and can make players panic when they start taking damage from “nothing”. In a pinch it can kill an enemy player that is JUST outside of melee range and can snipe kills for you when there’s a cluster of enemies in an area and one of them drops to low health in the middle of a mosh pit of damage. At level 3 I teeter between the two options mentioned, usually opting for the extra melee mutation these days. At level 4 is pretty much always go for the fetch stun so I can get in several good hits to start a fight, catch someone running away, or put an end to an enemy about to kill an ally.

At level 8 I tend to go with the increased stealth strike damage over duration so I can try to use it to knock around some enemies right at the beginning of a fight, or to kill someone as they try to get away near the end of one depending on my cooldown. My combo tends to be Stealth strike my way over to an enemy, hit them with the blast, then immediately stun them with fetch, then wail on them for the 2 seconds they’re forced to sit there. If I hit them with stun first I’ll use the slow down from stealth strike to not only hit them with a decent amount of damage from the blast, but also make it harder to run away.

Edit: Here’s my stats too :smiley:

(Mshldm1234) #3

I’m probably going to be making a guide for S&A too soon, and your build seems good for the most part. I feel like you’re losing a crucial skill by not choosing stun though, it’s easily one of the best skills Shayne has allowing you to easily kill enemies and 1v1 anyone you choose, including Galilea. Don’t forget to mention on Meltdown you
should constantly be moving patrolling the outskirts of the Map. I have +Movement Speed/+Movement Speed after Melee Hit, +Attack Damage/Attack Speed on Melee Hit and S&A Legendary. I’ve put in nearly 24 hours into playing Shayne alone, and have similar stat ratios to you.

I think that level 1, 2, 7, 8, and 10 are all levels that should always be chosen the way you went with. Using Aura of annoyance basically says to your enemies, "hey you’re getting chased. Slowing enemies
is crucial, and the Stealth Strike duration is insane, you can go cross map. Extra shield is also probably one of the best skills. Lastly, lv10 is what really makes your Ultimate viable

(julianjschmidt) #4

thanks for the feedback guys! @mshldm1234 i think the stun is very viable and i used it sometimes myself, but it doesnt really fit my playstyle. i like to pull enemies down into my team or even use douple pull with my friend using Ghalt, i also like the fact that fetch makes the enemy face me so its still super usefull for saving teammates by turning the enemy around

(Geno) #5

I’ve tried a couple different play styles with S&A and so far my favorite build (maybe not the best in the world but it works for me!) focuses on a close to mid range approach.

My helix build goes

  1. Welcome Commitee - shields and overshields are key with S&A obviously
  2. Wait for the drop - slow is ideal for retreating enemies
  3. Boomerang Bounce - perfect for groups of minions and enemies that are grouped up, you’d be surprised at the amount of crits you can get with this.
  4. What’s yours is mine - goes well with the legendary gear where you get a overshield when your normal shield recharges but the stun is also amazing
  5. Immortal Aegis - all day
  6. Shield Smasher - main reason I go with this is because of the gear I use attack speed/skill damage/movement speed
  7. Boom goes the boomerang - Like I said my build and play style puts a lot of focus on her boomerang
  8. Djinn to the face - This is usually my kill skill
  9. Quite Fetching - Smaller cooldowns are always ideal
  10. Aurox Beckons - Honestly her ultimate isn’t the greatest for pvp but if you’re able to pull it off right you can rip groups of minions/enemies apart with tag team and boomerang bounce.

Early in a match I keep my distance and pick my kills like you were saying Juki because S&A can be really squishy in the early parts of a match but once you get lvl’ed up that’s when you can start wrecking faces.

When it comes to minions I just sit back and let the boomerangs fly, with Boomerang Bounce you can burn down groups fairly quick even if there’s a player in that group you’ve got a high likelihood of dealing decent damage to them from the ricochet.

If i’m coming up on a player I try to use the map in my favor with sneaking around because I prefer to save my skills for the actual fight with them, usual approach for me is to try and get as many melee shots in as possible before they retaliate then once they start hopping around catch them with a stealth strike for the slow by that time they’re already almost dead but if they try to slip away catch them with a fetch and they’re done.

I rarely use tag team in pvp but when I do I try to make sure there’s at least 2 players/minions, i’ve tried a couple different approaches for a set up but the one method that has worked out multiple times for me is stealth up to them and as soon as you hit them with the slow pop your tag team they should have just enough of that slow duration from stealth strike that they can’t get away from tag team fast enough before they get sucked in and while they get pulled in I put some distance between us and start slinging boomerangs. If they manage to slip out of tag team you’ve got your fetch on the ready to pick off whoever slipped out.