Shayne and Aurox Tag Team attack problem

I need to get back in later today and play some more of the campaign mode. But the problem is specifically when I was playing the Algorithm level on normal mode. From the point that I unlocked Tag Team (ult move) to the time I had to log out and stop (near end of the fight against Geoff) everytime I used the move Shayne did NOT teleport to Aurox’s AoE after he finished the attack to do the final hit. Is there something that prevents you from completing the move? Because I used it at least 5 times, including on Geoff and regular enemies like the sniper bots and the big fat minigun toting bots after the miniboss with the green shield.

I was playing in a public story mode game though the only other person in the party dropped out before the stage finished loading up.

I didn’t even know she was supposed to. It’s never happened for me.

Does the tooltip still say that you teleport? because it seems like they took that part out. Which is fine by me. Seemed a little unnecessary. I kind of wish it already had the pull effect you get in the last helix option. When using it in PvP people just walk out of it and it seems really ineffective up until you get that upgrade.

Huh. it doesnt say that Shayne teleports in the describtion though in the lets plays and promo vids she does. maybe they did take it out.