Shayne & Aurox Discussion


Shayne’s companion, Aurox, is her melee weapon. And shield. And intimidating pet you don’t want to turn your back on. In combat, Aurox can utterly demolish enemies that get too close.


Whether scavenging for loot among the Detritus Ring, or taking out Varelsi, Shayne relies on her trusty boomerang to pick off enemies from a distance.


When you see Shayne cloak, this isn’t a game of hide-and-seek – you have a five-second headstart to get the HELL away from where you think Shayne and Aurox will resurface and pummel you with damage.


I love it when pets play with you – you know, bring you back a thrown ball or something. But when that pet is all razer-sharp claws, grafted to you, and hauls in your prey… well, that’s a whole other story.


If you see Shayne telling Aurox where to go, it’s important to NOT be there. Aurox teleports to Shayne’s target and unleashes his rage before knocking everybody around and disappearing.

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Definetly looking forward to give this character a spin. Looks really interesting.

ArmoredElder wants a Gaige & DeathTrap skin and is willing to pay for it


This is the kind of character I have been waiting for. :grinning: I just wonder if she is going to be anoying. Since she is a brooding teen? Could not hear her in the video. Can we get some sound samples gearbox? Can not wait to see here helix tree.

New Lets Play with @Jythri


YES finally a video with her

From the Lets Play video it kind of seemed like Aurox never left. I was wondering if your shields are depleted, do you lose some ability associated with Aurox or do you just receive a movement speed buff.

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i think you get none but it looks like when shields are depleted Aurox kinda looked like the stars and stuff

I think your melee damaged is greatly reduced too.

All i can say is… WOW this character looks sooooooo cool XD cant wait to try them out!!

She take goth to the the next level


Incursion gameplay


I’d play her and Orendi

For some reason she reminds me of Tetsuo from Akira.

Been having fun with them, but every so often when I land my grab it puts them behind me or off to the side instead of dropping them in front of me, which is really frustrating because I have to basically go looking for them again. Love the character but I hope this gets fixed soon.


I had initial hesitations about playing them, but after I’d played most everyone else nearing the end I tried them out since I had earned both a taunt and skin from loot packs. I was pleasantly surprised to find I loved them. They’re not really the emo/goth teen with a demon pet duo I thought they’d be. They have some cleaver banter and are really easy to pick up and play. Their stealth isn’t really great though; it’s basically just to land a quick hit at the start or end of a combo. It isn’t really like Deande or Mike who can literally sneak around. Maybe I’m using it wrong though…

Use it to escape.

Honestly i I find it absolutely adorable. She has such a cutesy voice to contrast how punk she is.

To quote bomb queen, “hardcore on the outside, pink on the inside”

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Running makes a lot more sense considering you can add time (like 6 seconds?) to its duration. I’ve never been great with steal characters lol.

This was a character I was not interested in, but after playing them they are my 2nd favorite lol

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