Shayne & Aurox PVP Tips / Augment Choices Please?

Ok, guys, as usual when starting to master a new character, I would greatly appreciate your wise knowledge and insights.

Really enjoying her (them?) thus far!

Crazy pull (or stun!) followed by glorious burst damage and maybe blind?

Excellent range & power on her big, sweeping Melee Attacks, great for Thralls and turrets and minions.

A little bit slow, but not bad.

Boomerang seems handy, I’ve heard it can be very useful!

Thanks in advance!

I use them as a sneaky tank

Here is my hélix,-1,1,-1,-1,-1,1,-1,-1,1

My gear is extra shield, dmg reduction and shield recharge per second. Why? S&a is a bug target but none can crit while your shield is on so keep it that way.

Her sneaky skills can let you escape if needed or hunt a fleeing target and slow it. A good combo is fetch then slow.

Always use fetch in close-mid range, bullets destry him and you dont want to miss that over shield, dont limit your strategy to that, help galth with pulls or assasins with stuns, meele characters should be scared of you specially rath, phoebe and attikus, you can pull them out of their ult.

At lvl 5 alt ernate your skills to have your shield full and soak more dmg.



Very cool, thanks!

That’s very similiar to how I’ve been playing her / them!

Any other tips?

How should I be using her boomerang?

I usually run the full shield build because 1040 shield lawl.

Once you get lvl 12 you almost always take the level 3 mutation for damage which kinda ■■■■■ on it.

When you cant engage throw boomerangs, if you are being pushed hard avoid risky situations and boomerangs, if you see a los health target risk and divie in cloaked finish your job, get some extra shield and get out.

If they are fleeing and fetch or cloak are in cd you could try boomerang

Note with the immortal aegis there is a bug right now where if you aim your skill then cancel it it does the shield recharge effect

It’s a slightly cheesey tactic, but later on she has a mutation that increases the boomerang damage, which actually ends up having a better DPS than her melee attack, due to its faster attack. So if you can aim the boomerangs right, they do more damage than just straight melee sadly. I always played them as an attacker. Building for attack speed, movement speed, and attack damage, but that’s just my preference. Sneaking around behind enemies and trying to split them up. Pulling weaker or lower hp players off to murder them silently.

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