Shayne is unkillable and I LOVE IT! SHE IS THE SHIELD QUEEN!

Personally I’ve found the trick to be to ignore all yer damage skills and use the helix upgrades to get over shields, drain shields, faster shield charge, etc etc.

Its hilarious how easily she annihilates everythhing that way just because near infinite shields and even if it goes down she can stealth and run away.

I bring this up because I noticed most are just trying to player her as a stealth and strike, when it seems to me that’s just not how she is designed.

When I first started playing her I went along with playing her as a Decent Tank character that can kill somebody by just outlasting them. It was pretty awesome. I was able to take on 2 enemies by myself a few times (with a combination of her skills, shield buffing gear, and luck). I survived a lot better and did decent damage during this time.

That was pre-nerf.

Post-Nerf I’ve been strictly focusing on a more damage focused build. She can definitely deal a lot of damage when built for damage. Sneak in with stealth strike, get a few melee hits in, Fetch 'em, more hits till they die…if they run then you boomerang them to death.

In the end I will probably end up settling on a more balanced build of Tank and Assassin with both gear and skills that support both rather than choosing between heavily supporting DPS or Tanking.

That’s exactly how I play her as well xD. She’s can still put out a ton of Damage with her melee, and if things get hairy poof xD.

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I love the combination of Welcome Commitee (overshield when you land fetch), What’s Yours Is Mine (Fetch steals some shield), The Immortal Aegis (Shield starts recharging on shield use) and Quite Fetching (drastic fetch cooldown reduction).

If you’re in melee range (and you should be) then landing Fetch is a piece of piss and gives you so much survivability as the Overshield gives your main shield a chance to recharge. If your shield was actually down, then it instantly removes the ~debuff to your melee damage.