Shayne's ability usage while being interrupted

Hey all!

Played around 50 games as Shayne. It seems that all his abilities are canceled while being stunned. Was it intended to do so and this is the game mechanics?

For eg.

  1. Fetch - if during fly animation of Aurox to the target location you are being stunned, Aurox wont land to the target location or will lend but without skill usage, so no pull/stun and no shield buff.

I know i can cancel Kelvin’s stun like that (when he turns to a cloud I can stun him and interrupt ability) but game mechanics for this particular charactes was designed around both Shayne and Aurox. I think Shayne should still get a buff from this ability especially being a rogue class character.

  1. Ultimate (Tag Team) - it will disappear immediately on target location after you being stunned.

  2. Stealth strike - it seems that if you are stunned almost immediately after you press this ability and become invisible it will get you out of invisibility.

Thats all as intended and is good for her balance. Its not like she has many weaknesses beyond stun.

I just hope that after 50 games you’re aware that Shayne is a girl. Lol

And yup, it is intended that CC such as Stuns and SIlences will cancel out abilities and Ultimate abilities.

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Yeah, for some reason I see this character as male, LOL

Did you check spell break on CC with other characters? It seems Gali AoE doesnt end on stun?

Gall AOE is a passive