Shayne's Stun Worries

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At level 4 you can change Fetch from a Pull to a Stun (Level 4 Right), now, although Stun is King of CC, is it worth it for S&A? I haven’t done the math, but I’m about 80% positive that you don’t get the buff to Attack Damage from having Aurox around nor the buff from Power of Two while the stun is in effect. Am I wrong? Does using the Stun weaken your DPS considerably or it’s just an illusion due to Aurox not attacking in conjunction with your attacks (since he’s holding the enemy down)?

I want to use the stun, but if it means I lose 68% of my melee damage output when I do, I think I’d rather not. You can switch to the 'rangs, but is that going to make up the damage?

Anybody can confirm whether Stunning with Fetch will mess up both normal melee damage (by 50%) and negate Power of Two even with full shields?

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I cannot confirm; however, I will note that the “stun” doesn’t seem to trigger most of the time. You do everything you’re supposed to, line up Aurox, send him out, aaaaaaaand the stun doesn’t work. There are quite a few problems with the Fetch ability in terms of hit detection and ease of use, etc., but I understand the upcoming patch will address some of the Fetch issues (hopefully).

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Yeah, I’ve noticed some of the issues. Mostly Aurox Poofing away suddenly as if he was obliterated by Wrath of the Wild (seriously, that Ult is crazy) all of the sudden. BUT when I do land Fetch, and I do so considerably enough, I want to know that I’m not screwing my potential to secure a kill by NOT having the DPS to do so. I’ve even recently switched to the shield steal upgrade just so I could keep the pull and my DPS in-tact. (I would like the mutation, but that is REALLY buggy).

If there is a huge DPS drop with fetch stun currently, I would like gearbox to remove it since it makes no sense.

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I mean, even if it doesn’t affect it, fetch is still so much better than the stun. You can pull someone out of position, into your team. It’s too good to pass off. And it also stuns you, however briefly.

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For me it depends on the situation and the enemy characters. When aurox is stunning someone, your dmg is lower because actually shayne hit twice when she has aurox on her back. One hit with thr blade, and one hit with aurox hand. Both of the skills are useful!

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one game i caught an aurox with a mellka grenade as he went to fetch a team mate of mine…poof went the aurox

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shooting Aurox mid flight stops the pull

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Yup, literally anything stops it.

Kleese can defend himself from aurox with impunity.

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Yes, the DPS of the melee is cut by 50% when using the stun helix. However, the mutation will allow you to followup best (in terms of DPS), since you can attack with Aurox as soon as he disappears (he returns the quickest with the mutation when compared to the other two options). Only when using the level 4 mutation, the level 9 mutation can also be used to make him return faster, and you can hit a wall (or the floor) behind the character you are pulling to make him return even faster.

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Tiene mucho escudo, mucha velocidad tanto de movimiento como de ataque y los boomerangs tienen un ataque decente como para fastidiar a distancia. Se puede equipar muy bien sin tener la nececidad de sacrificar a cambio una de las cualidades y no olvidar que aturde y que puede atacacar al mismo tiempo. En cuanto a sus tecnicas estan bien pensadas pero incisto mucho de todo es mucha ventaja. Convirtiendolo en algo muy letal si incluimos quien le de soporte.

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