She sits sidesaddle on the stingray

(Matt Sautter) #1

Cracks me up. Very nice touch. Go look if you haven’t noticed yet.

(Where's lucky?) #2

I also love her grenade throw animation.

(The Bonerfart) #3

I love flying to a doorway and seeing her just stroll off the side of the stingray and straight in the door… I don’t know why

(Is this thing on?) #4

Nice the way she steps off it too - very dignified!

(Glass cannon par excellence) #5

same with sitting on the buggy turret.


Indeed, Milady favours sidesaddle!

(Is this thing on?) #7

It’s this kind of attention to detail that I really appreciate in a game. I think both the GBX and 2K crew do a great job of differentiating characters across all the BL games.

(Russell) #8

Yeah, side saddle.

I had to check out what “perched” was, but then I noticed she is sitting side saddle.

That is the “proper” way for a lady to ride.

(Matt Sautter) #9

Fixed the title!