Shed a tear, nerf some gear

Seems to be the magic formula… cry a little and BINGO. Sadly, essential workers are the ones who took this on the chin. Really would have liked to enjoy the Kaoson, Sandhawk and Yellowcake more in its original state. But hey… we have the Bitch now :joy:

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Now we can slideeeeee

And meele…

Slide ppl! Even though only zane, amara with spiritual driver and moze with a snowdrift benefit from sliding.

Oh and melee? Lets be real only Amara has that. Zane doesnt even have a single melee talent.
Fl4k has that horrible taimer thing that does… Imao.

Do the devs play this game or they look at it on paper n youtube videos

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Just baffles the mind. Leave some of these weapons in the freakin game and let people enjoy. How is it that a few whining hobbits get their way?

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This game is garbage. I went back to diablo 3 and it just puts a spotlight on how bad borderlands 3 is. B3 showed absolutely nothing new. Everything is RNG. Theres no crafting, or rerolling stats. Nothing! That’s why the drop rates have to be so bad because that’s all this game has. They cant let you get the gear because then itd be over. Theres absolutely no reason to play B3


It’s the Borderlands YouTubers @Joltzdude139 @flightx3aa @KillerSix and co. who always talk about how OP certain weapons are until Gearbox eventually gives in and nerfs those weapons.


100%… no reason to take these out. If your short hairs get rubbed the wrong way because any gear is “ OP” use one of the the other hundreds of choices .

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Wow, putting me up there with Joltz and K6, thanks for the compliment!!!

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No probs

Let me put it this way,there were versions of the Koason that didn’t perform well with my build,only certain ones,now that said the gun was ok if you did’nt have all the pieces to turn it into a monster ie: god roll com,god roll artifact and most people who play don’t ever see the stuff that i farm hours for and you are gifted to do your streams and i’m not saying you don’t farm but it takes a fair amount of time,some of these changes were unnecessary when stability issues still abound,the game feels slower and farming for what.We’ve gone from 6 usable weapons on M10 to 3 and everything feels like a slog

Moze doesnt have melee stuff either, it’s iron bear’s jackhammer fists. WHICH, dont cause explosive/area damage so he doesnt heal from attacks. Basically making a masive target get upclose for lame damage and no health back

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Most YouTubers get godroll items sent to them or create them themselves. It’s very easy to create god rolls via memory or savegame editor. I can do it. It makes a HUGE difference when you only have god rolls equipped compared to semi-optimal gear that legit dropped. Those nerfed weapons wouldn’t be so OP in the hands of the average gamer who casually plays the game and doesn’t watch YouTube videos to find the perfect build and whatnot. Those casual gamers are actually the majority of people who play the game. All the YouTubers who always complain about OP this, OP that, they are not even 1℅ of the playerbase. They don’t represent the community yet Gearbox seems to value their opinion higher than anyone else’s.

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There’s already a thread discussing this.

And could we keep the YouTube drama on YouTube? Go comment there instead, please.