Sheild boosters

Sheild boosters should be picked up automatically


That would be great but it does pose a dilemma of sorts. If it is auto pick up then why not just apply the booster immediately instead of having a small booster drop off in the first place. Saves the animation.

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That’s true.

Besides…the boosters can even be picked up by teamates, if we get rid of the animations and everything we kinda kill all the usefoulsness of the shield

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Agreed, the boosters should be autopickup for myself and allies. Currently, they are the only modifiers that are instasell for me because looking around for boosters and clicking on them takes too much away from the action. When I first found one, I thought for sure they would’ve been autopickup and my reaction was pure anger, TBH.


Obviously this is your first bl game. Boosters can be useful. The problem is the readability and unnoticable button prompts.

That said if boosters were autopick up they would be nerfed into the ground for balancing reasons.

For example imagine they were autopickup/auto-applied to the whole team. Now imagine a 4 man team.

2 wearing damage boosters. 2 wearing health and shield boosters. With all the constant healing, shields, and damage buffs you would rarely die and would wreck most things. People would then complain boosters euin the game by making everything trivial. So then boosters would be made to only apply to the wearer and all bonuses probably cut in half.

With them having to be picked up manually, you don’t have the time (in battle) to grab a bunch and stack a lot of bonuses before they wear off. So as such they are already pretty well balanced. As I said the issue with them in Bl3 is the small prompts that you have to be right on and standing in a specific location to see.

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I think auto pick up would be good, but I think making the beams higher so I don’t have to stare at the ground would be better.

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You’ll buncha dinguses gameranx was correct auto pick up is dummy useful if anything it should be like u have to stand on them but having to manually pickup is stupid and time wasting