Shenanigans (with videos) upload your clips!

But to do this you have to handicap yourself and give up her slow which is a very important part of her playstyle.

So … I lost a bet against my friend and I had to basically be her personal ass fungus for an entire match. I was not allowed to deal any sort of damage nor to heal anyone else besides her. It’s been fun. Very fun. Yes. I hate you. @duke666

(Yes I had to get a new mouse because the RMB was broken, just in case you’re wondering.)


The pleasure is all mine, little minion. I will never play that bad again :smiley:

And no, you don’t hate me. But you wish you do :wink:


He still died 4 times with an exclusive Miko behind him!. He should feel ashamed!

I’ve seen this a few times where Miko heals only one player during the entire match. Now, I wonder if they all lost a bet lol


Lol this is rather amusing, is it a mix of -shield capacity and +recharge rate?

i got this.

I do “shenaningans” every time I play Echelon or Outskirts, I just can’t play normally there :wink:

Video or it never happened!

Holly cow, have I got a shenanigans time today on Outskirts: 34 fps drops (felt like 20fps) and rubberbanding. I was phasing like Phoebs on hax and constantly overshooting open spaces! Sadly my relive died, maybe next time I’ll deliver the record.

So I killed and taunted this Benedict a few times (he deserved it, he was playing Benedict) and he kinda developed a little bit of a vendetta against me this game. Because of his greediness I got to taunt him again without even killing him.


Moments like these is why I play Battleborn.

Taunting Mechanic Best Mechanic.

I remember once my entire team taunted 1 person that got killed due to how awful he was being all game. He got killed while all 5 of us were around and we lined up and taunted at the same time.

We once killed a backdooring Benedict. Three of us went after him and when one of us got the kill we all lined up behind the killer to taunt :joy:

He kept doing it before the manhunt and we started to get a little bored of his attempts. This was also back when the sentry could defend itself from single targets just fine so I don’t know why he bothered.

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You got saved!

If I wanted to I could have avoided the boomsday. I just wanted him to know the number of ■■■■■ I do not give about him or his rockets.

How would you do that as Rath in that area you were located?

I knew the boomsday was coming and that it wouldn’t be enough to kill me so I wasn’t concerned about it. Had I not been healed by KU I would have gone farther, past the supply station and the chances of him hitting me would have been slim to none. Since the Boomsday rocket has a larger hit box than it seems it can’t do well with corners or enclosed spaces. He would have hit the supply station or the doors. Especially considering the fact that he died right at the end of his ult.

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Advanced Benedict tactics:



That was great!

I didn’t get to video this game but it was fantastic. Last sixteen seconds they managed to side door our sentry on Overgrowth so we rushed their sentry and killed it…Kinda with enough time? (Our score was the 50)

I’m pretty sure someone from here was in this game but idk. It was a blast.