Shenanigans (with videos) upload your clips!

I’m not going to lie… I saw the “Rather” video titles, and thought they would involve Rath. I guess that would’ve been “Rath-er”… :smirk:


The enemy Whiskey helped me out of a tight situation.

This Kleese is trying so hard, but gravity is so OP. #guardrailsonovergrowth

Sometimes we don’t have to fight, we can just try and get along. @Nemosis327 decided it wasn’t one of those times.

That’s not where I was aiming that…

The clutchest sporeshock I’ve done lately

And it’s funny how things tend to come full circle


First one is just a really great battle, could have gone either way! @lemuren97 I see why you play so much Toby on Paradise!

No idea what happened here, but I almost got him!

Oh the classic red bar, making skills about half as useful as they should be. I almost made it, so close yet so far :frowning:



For some reason 2 of my rockets decided to circle Alani like sharks and then hit with the 3rd rocket all at the same time. Looks pretty cool I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

This is Borderlands one but it was pretty funny, I had a downed Walrus on my head :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure if you can hear @lemuren97 too well but hopefully he will upload his view soon :stuck_out_tongue:


You can hear me better here :joy:


Don’t know if anyone is even interested in it, but inspired by this thread I wanted to try a few things with Orendi in PvE.

Been a while since I played her without having others with me and I found it just hilarious what you can do with her in single player. :smile:

WARNING: Slight spoiler for Oscar Mike DLC and I’m still a little sick, there is one scene in it where it is really noticeable when I had to sneeze. :frowning:


That is some fine Orendi-ing right there.


Thanks. Always was angry that Pillarstorm had no effect in PvE, but honestly:

Single player has both Pillarstorm and Let’s Bounce! (And you don’t even need a legendary to do that.)

Yeah. I usually go with the pushback in PvE to help with swarms.

Tanking done right.


For some reason, the above sentence made me think of the tank in Tiananmen Square running down that one guy who stood up to it, instead of stopping…

I know what i have to do now…

Calls therapist.


Had a horrible match a few days ago due to lag, and Fungus Among Us just said “Nope.”.

I thought I’d be able to kill a simple gun bot when my wards were up, I was wrong.

I’ve seen some up here, but never a Galilea.

When I play Thorn, I typically don’t like using my ultimate to kill most of the time since it feels semi-cheap, so I typically just use the rest of her kit. But if he wants to try and ult me, I’ll return the favour.

Burst Dashed Alani, Sad Alani

Geysered Deande, Dead Deande

Confused Alani, Happy Alani

And while this is not a shenanigan, I want to ask this, and this thread is arguably the most appropriate place to do so in; what’s up with Kelvin’s Sublimate emanating Candy?


I only died because someone wasn’t stacking max health on Alani like I expected and died from a burst dash that I didn’t think would kill. I thought I would need the ult to follow up and would have hid from the bubble bind inside your hitbox but you were dead so it got me killed. I did not make that mistake again :wink:

Dead Deande observant Deande.


You and @Phoenix-2613 are arguably the only ones I’d stack max health against, it’s fine not doing it outside of that :joy:

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Are you sure wouldn’t stack it against MY Deande after the 4 Raths vs Deandes… :joy: (I jk, I would run negative health against my Deande :stuck_out_tongue:)

You’re kidding, right? I’d stack all max health for your Holotwin alone :wink:

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That’s El Dragon’s Dragon Splash.

Is it tied to anything particular such as helix or skin, or is it a part of the base skill?

It aimed legs, obviously :wink:

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Base skill, pretty sure.

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