Sheperd Bot Getting healed

The Return of the sheperd bot in Incursion was welcomed as it can change the tides of a game, though last night I noticed our Miko healing the sheperd bot like it was Montana. We steamed rolled hard a team of all 100. Specially when a fatty bot was in the mix it looked like a Nightmare for the opposite team, The sheperd bot was overshielding everything constantly, It felt as we had a few Reyna’s on our side with a cooldown of 6 secs on her overshield power. Honestly I think this should be looked into as it can change the game and not in a good way.

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Eh, the other side can do it as well. Or gasp have a dedicated wave clear
I’ve been doing it since Shepherds were in the game in beta. It’s nothing new

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I think that’s great. A reason to finally heal a bot. Kid ultra can do the same thing as well with AOE heal. Honestly CR 100 don’t mean anything these days with the amount of double/triple XP events we already had. Sorry to be blunt but it could have just been a bad team :frowning:

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I just think the Sheperd bot should be like the bigger AI bots and not be able to get healed.


the elite bots can also be healed. unless my eyes deceive me, even the thralls can be healed by AoE effects such as a mushroom, a correctly specced biosynthesis or kid ultras ult for example.

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Shield pen is now more powerful

They can’t be targeted though, which I am assuming is OPs issue

big boy bots can definitely be targeted. the thralls cannot though, only by AoE heals.

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Not an issue IMO. You can easily out-damage Miko’s heals on a shepard, since crits are easy and worth 3x.

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pretty much this. I’ll religiously heal that elite bot, but the shepard can be taken out even through my heals in seconds.

Shield pen is still worthless. It still does negligible damage through shields, will effectively never net you a kill before you take their shield down, and makes it take longer for crits to become available (and crits are much more valuable on minions than on players). And now with Regen buffed and Galilea having a viable regen helix, shield pen’s last potential use as a Galilea counter is gone. Unless you are going for a meme build around Bunker Buster, there is no reason to take shield pen, ever (and even then, the only real power Bunker Buster builds had were in giving you a sizable damage buff against shielded sentries; this is much less viable now with the new power of minions).

My biggest concern about this is teams using the strategy to steam roll Pug teams and creating a less playable incursion scaring off even more of the player base. it’s a very cheap tactic.

Whaaaaaa? It’s never worked for me. Game changer, gonna buy those more often now

They are hands down the strongest extra team member in the game, even when compared to the double thralls. it’s stand should never be off cooldown.

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Interesting, I have been running shield pen + reload, reload + health regen, and shards on an OM in inclusion and really like it. What do you recommend I switch it out for?

Honestly, he doesn’t really shine in any particular way right now, especially with the nerf to his waveclear ability, so there aren’t really identifiable strengths to build on top of. Without his waveclear, he’s honestly quite bland IMO. Skill damage will help with waveclear, and reload/attack damage will help with player engagements. Critical damage is an interesting theory to build around if you choose the level 5 crit damage modifier, as it can really shred sentries, thralls, and shepherds, but it is usually wasted compared to attack damage if you can’t land consistent crits. Shards are always good. Regen is decent if you play him from a distance and never try and engage someone head on, since it can free up your healer to work on your tank. Wouldn’t suggest it if you play close range or agressive. You can’t ever go wrong with max health.

I have a ridiculously fun build for him based around movement speed. Not particularly useful, but really fun. It takes a purple skill damage+move speed, his legendary, and a sprint speed+sprint speed while all skills are on cooldown. He just flys around the map. Great for screwing around. It’s a meme build, and totally not competitive, but just really fun.

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Only increased damage to shield is now viable (seriously it is)

That sounds like a fun build, I will have to try it.

Whenever I do it I also take the movespeed helix for when he is stealed, and the movespeed helix at level 7.

I figured it was something like that. I used to run 0 cost boost and sprint on Pendles with a shard generator and took all the shards before the other team realized what happened.

I usually don’t play a lot of ranged characters, but I have always felt that reload speed was better DPS wise than attack speed because the % is higher. I also always felt like I took out the sentry’s shield quick with the shield pen, which is why I ran that build before. I will have to look at my items to see what I should replace it with.