Sheperd Bot Getting healed

I see nothing wrong with healing minions. And while I’m not advocating ignoring teammates in favor of minions, I certainly heal whatever I can when it’s appropriate. Do you really want all those points to drop dead just shy of the altar if it’s preventable? Isn’t helping the minions cause as much trouble as possible for the enemy team a useful thing?

I usually burn my Alani stacks on shepherds in meltdown, it’s a great way to push the wave and get an extra overshield.

Kinda cheesy but effective.

Why not

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I’ve played against it, and it’s incredibly frustrating (Mellka with our crits doesn’t have the sustained DPS to take them down without a spike or two and this makes it incredibly irritating)

Because Skill Damage helped with his ult and is one of the few things that buffs napalm. I actually swapped it out with movespeed+movespeed on cooldowns because I only ever play OM when I’m trying to be Sonic.