Sheriff's badge farm

I couldn’t agree more. :blush:


Definitely one of the best ways to get drops without a doubt :exploding_head: My last was Mobley & Gettle just the other day and they both dropped their respective drops :sunglasses:

Don’t remember when this happened to me last but it was pretty cool in my books :+1:


Those moments are when I quickly hit my Xbox button to pull up my DVR menu. Both dropping their respective legendary items on the same run. That’s a vid for sure. :slight_smile:

Well thank you kind sir. :blush:

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See, I’ve NEVER had these dudes drop their legendaries during the actual mission. Not once! Same with Doc Mercy, Boll, and quite a few others. I think only the Assassins and possibly the TMNRs have coughed up their assigned drop on the actual mission for me.

So if it is a mission reward then Dashboard and it is a drop item then save and quit.


In a word “YES”. Mission rewards, in this instance it will be the Deputy’s Badge as the reward, can be dashboard farmed like all mission rewards, but you can do that upon turning in the mission at the Bounty Board in Lynchwood. During this mission you also stand a chance of getting the Sheriff to drop her unique drops that being both the Law and the Sheriff’s Badge that you are chasing, and these can be farmed as normal repeatedly after you have handed in the mission Showdown ,so you don’t have to dashboard if you don’t want to to get the “Sheriff’s Badge” just farm as normal but what @Kurtdawg13 is alluding to is that you might stand a better chance of getting it to drop “during” the mission as opposed to after, that’s all.

I hope i didn’t just tell you a heap of stuff you already know, and apologies if i have but i hope this helps you in what you seek to know and good luck in finding a good one :+1:

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Thanks for the help but I’m still dense I guess.
If I kill the Sheriff and she doesn’t drop the Sheriff’s badge on the first run , should I not turn in the mission and S&Q ??

BNK-3R, Saturn, Terra, Mc Nally, Mad Dog, Flynt, Boom & Bewm, Wilhelm and many more. Now that you think about it… You’ve never had a legendary drop ever. :grin:


These, I’ve had drop on the relevant story mission. Once each.

Turn in the mission, then save and quit. Then keep loading up the game and kill her as many times as you want. She will drop it eventually.


Thank you !!

OK , I did the mission and defeated the sheriff.
She dropped the Sheriff’s badge on first run.
I saved and quit to get back to message board.
The reward of the Deputy’s badge seemed low so I dashboarded a few times and got a better one.
Thanks for the help.


Awesome! :smile:

Sweet! Glad it worked out for ya. Happy looting! :innocent:


So I know this is old as hell, but just started playing again, and was actually wanting to get a deputy badge because I picked up a Conference Call shotgun at the end of Dragon’s Keep. I’m playing with Gaige and it works pretty awesome with a maxed out “close enough” skill and high anarchy count with the bullets ricochetting all over the place. So I started farming the sheriff, but after reading this I realize the deputy badge is a mission award, so figured I’d just try to get a higher level Sheriff’s badge. I have a level 29 already that I’ve used a lot that has a 21% damage increase. I got a level 48 or 49 one in about the 4th try (using a 5% rare drop relic) and it was much worse than the level 29. It was only a 15 or 17% damage increase.

So I’m just wondering if , as mentioned above, the mission drops are always better, and I should just not bother even trying to farm a better sheriff’s badge?

I forgot to mention I’m only level 51 on the second play through and playing TVHM.

Your post has me a bit tangled but I hope somewhere in here is your answer :

  • Mission rewards have randomly generated parts just like any drop.
  • Relics have what I call “quality levels”. You can’t see them on the card but they - in conjunction with the relic’s game level - determine the final stats.
  • The Deputy’s Badge has 10 quality levels. Most Deps have very very close stats because of the relatively few quality levels. A NVHM one can have max reload and even an OP8 Dep’s Badge will have meh damage boost.
  • The Sheriff’s Badge can have 15 quality levels which make a much bigger difference. The quality levels have more impact on the final stats than game level - so a level 50 quality 15 will be better than a level 65 quality 9 (probably).

With the Sherrif’s Badge : well it’s a random drop rather than a mission reward, so keep at it until you’ve got a decent one.

I have several characters who’ve kept their NVHM relics because they happened to be perfect.


here is the max stat for the sheriff’s badge (OP8 is now the Level 80)

Pistol Damage +22.0% +22.6% +23.1% +23.5%
Pistol Fire Rate +56.0% +56.0% +56.0% +56.0%
Fight For Your Life Time +15.0% +15.0% +15.0% +15.0%
Effect Level 50 Level 61 Level 72 OP8

check here for further info Max Stat Gear Lists


That’s pretty much the kind of info I was looking for. I appreciate it. I wasn’t aware of the quality levels. I got rid of the Deputy Badge awhile ago to clear out inventory because I didn’t plan on using a shotgun much. It seems like weapons stats coincide pretty well with the levels, but I’ve seen lately that things like the class mods can be way off, and junk compared to the exact same mod at a lower level.

Guns’ and shields’ stats are primarily determined by level and rarity. Then by parts.

COMs also have quality levels - five of them.
In the case of COMs there are three independent “parts”.

So take a Legendary Soldier. Stats up to :

  • Cooldown Rate: +47%
  • Gun Damage: +39%
  • Fire Rate: +25%

Each of those stats will be randomly and independently generated. So you might get cooldown 4, damage 2, fire rate 5.

They have a big impact on the stats. Not as much as with relics but certainly as much as game level.

If I recall correctly if the mission is active far fewer enemies spawn near the Sheriff of Lynchwood. So the dashboard method really is the best option here.

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