SHI(fT) servers dawn? cant play coop

I know this question has been asked many times, but no one seemed to have an answeer that worked for me. So! I’ve just puurchased Borderlands 3 on steam to play with a friend. The first time I started it, nothign wrong. I invited my friend and we played through the tutorial. But then, all of a sudden and as the Host, I lost connection to the gearbox SHiFT service and my friend disconnected. No matter what i do, I seem to not be able to reconnect to the service. I tried deactivating the firewall, restarting the game multiple times, running as administrator, giving lsass all the rights to do whaterver the hell it is supposed to do and all the other stuff internet says should help, but nothing. I won’t tinker with the router or forward any port, since at the very beginning everything was working just fine. Does anyone have an answer for me? Please


Ok, i’ve just notice a bunch of other people has the same problem right now. So I guess it’s SHiFT servers’ fault, right? I guess I’ll wait then.

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shift issue

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using this method it started working for me on steam:

I’ll merge this thread into one of the others…hold tight…initiating phaseshift…

Hopefully that wasn’t too bumpy.

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It’s not just Shift for me, but hotfixes aren’t applying either. Checked all kinds of settings for my machine and network prior to seeing this thread, but I also submitted a ticket. We’ll see.


personal update: tried the firewall tipp - thanks for posting !
it seems to work now, hotfix also incomming.

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where do you locate that file?

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in my case, i found 2 entries called "Borderlands 3 " in the list of apps in the windows 10 firewall.
after checking all the boxes (allow everything) it worked

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The same…again…

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cant play coop . has happened 3 times today for me and my Dad. first time was able to get going by verifying game files , running dxsetup, vcredist_x84, vcredist_x64…
that doesnt work anymore . what is going on ??
its not windows defender already exepmt for borderlands


ok, guys.
SHI(f)T servers have some problem. I’m found twitter account

The servers are still down. How is that after 16h they still haven’t fixed their servers. Might as well have just let us play on steam at least

Please fix your servers. And wake up whoever you need to fix this - how is this not a priority and how does is gearbox not aware of their own issues - is there no monitoring here ?

My fix involved me quiting and restarting the epic games launcher before firing up borderlands 3. i am currently playing with a friend on steam so maybe it has a similar fix i hope this helps. and this is specifically for those who have the problem of being disconnected mid game and not being able to sign back into shift while borderlands 3 is running.

yes, and this is boring. 6 month beta-test in EGS and so big problems.

Again, unable to connect

I still can’t log in either. I tried linking a fresh SHiFT account to Steam, and waited over the weekend in case SHiFT could fix something on their side, but I still can’t play coop.

I’m guessing the Shift Servers are still down? I can’t connect to to it at all.

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I haven’t been able to connect to shift since the patch on the 13th. I have submitted multiple tickets, but nothing the email suggested works.


Played completely fine with a friend yesterday and now neither of us can connect to shift

tried linking my epic and removing my firewall stuff but none of it works