Shield = 0 vision

So I been messing around with a shield build and with it out with most I use I have 0 vision (some assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns) when I pick up the shield and start shooting, please devs for the love of the gods tone down the effect of bullets when we shoot though the shield so I can see what I am shooting


Ruined the entire skill tree for me. I would like to use it, but I cant see.

I can deal with an underpowered character, but an entire skill tree that causes me eye pain makes me really regret picking Zane.

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Hate the shielding effect too. Obstruct my view.

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I too vote to see these effects toned down. Both in coming fire and out going. Also the limited field of view when you pick it up to move around. U just have that little widow to see through.

zane is not under powdered, actully quite the opposite, people have been smashing records times for circles, trails and bosses with zane its just…the digi clone dies SO easy, I mean they buffed its health and it still dies in one hit, I think they should just change some things around because no one uses the stuff that makes you share damage with it anyways so just give it no health.

Zane is my favorite character and the best imho. Except don’t put a single point into the shield tree because it’s useless.

actually some of the shield action skill mods are great and buff damage by alot when shooting though it as well as two early ones adrenaline and ready for action…but yeah with alot of guns it just turns your screen into a blur, I think they shoud just get rid of the effect all together, I know when I am shooting though the shield ok!