Shield Accessories...Can the Transformer have more than 1?

So I’ve been feverishly farming/hunting for a Tranformer shield with accessories on it. I’ve seen a ton of Tranformers, anointed and non. None of them have ever held an accessory other than it’s own special affect. Each shield has accessory slots(at least that’s my impression at this point). Some shields will spawn with none or 1 or 2. I believe they can get up to 3. I would love to know if the Tranformer shield can hold an accessory. I’ve been looking for a BRIMMING Accessory on it.

I’ll post some examples…

Example #1

Here is an example of 2 accessory slots empty. You’ll notice the 1st accessory slot is taken by the Legendary Shields special affect: FROZEN HEART

Example #2

Here, all accessory slots are taken. The 1st accessory slot seems to always have the shields special affect(if it has one). Any unique shield with red text should always have slot 1 taken by it’s special affect.

Example #3

This example does not have a special affect(non-unique/no red text) but all accessory slots are taken.

Example #4

This example shows the 1st accessory slot being taken by the unique shields special affect. In this particular case, it actually takes 2 slots. The Black Hole shields special affect is a two part process. You have the singularity affect, then the Nova affect. The Black Hole shield will always have 2 accessory slots taken by its special affect, I have not seen the 3rd filled with an accessory. Not sure if that is possible.

Example #5

This example is here to show that accessories can stack. The shield’s special affect is in accessory slot 1. But the remaining 2 slots can stack. Instead of the 15% absorption chance you get 30%. I’m curious if the BRIMMING accessory can stack? :thinking: I haven’t seen it yet.

Example #6
sorry for the picture quality. I couldn’t find a good pic so I snapshotted one of my vids.
This is the reason for my thread. I would like to know if the bottom 2 empty accessory slots can be filled? I have never seen the Tranformer shield carry more than it’s special affect in the accessory slot(s). Please advise if you know. :grin:

I don’t think it can.

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I’m thinking the same at the moment. Black Hole is the same, doesn’t seem to be able to hold more than it’s special affect. The Impaler on the other hand, will always have all 3 slots taken by it’s special affect.

I never had anything but the same stats aside anointment. The shield is sick straight up but if you can get an anointment like I did it’s even better (20% cooldown on Skill End or 30% dmg returned on Skill end)