Shield Anointment help

Assuming that I’m using the “on grenade thrown” anointment, what would the best options be for shield. I have some general idea but I have to wonder if I’m missing anything. Barrier/SNTL build.

“When Barrier is Deployed, instantly start recharging your shields” - Shield recharge is already a non-issue.

“While SNTNL is active - 15% increased movement speed / On action skill end - 5% increased movement speed” - I don’t enjoy the “move as fast as possible at all times to maximize DPS” play-style in the first place.

“On action skill end - Regenerate 5% maximum health per second” - Between Seein Dead, Donybrooke and Refreshment I fully heal from critical health the moment I start shooting something.

“On action skill end - 20% increased action skill cooldown rate” - Only SNTL takes more than a couple seconds and 20% might be too small to really notice.

“On action skill end - Damage taken is reduced by 13%” - Could help the survive-ability for the few seconds that barrier is down I suppose.

“On action skill end - 50% bonus elemental damage” - Generally speaking, much less consistently proc-able than with other characters. However I am leaning towards a Cryo variant as means to proc CCC whenever SNTL is down.

20% cool down or bonus 50% are always your best bet.

people who play without guardian rank 20% cool down can be important but otherwise just roll with 50% bonus elemetal dmg, since your only weak spot is the down time of barrier you shall either make up for it in damage or cool down, other options provide negligable Survivability considering you have salvation at your disposal. you do not really need 25% dmg either i much rather 50% bonus elemental for ase to be crazy strong both during AS up time and downtime.

however if i run on granade thrown i do also often run 20% cool down shield just to get that sntnl back faster but it ends up only about 2 seconds faster than without it.

Yea I kinda agree with @Hexxusz0r but might add SNTL speed as a solid 3rd if its a good shield and you use SNTL.

I run my combo same as his with AS cooldown + OGT.

However if you use Dopplebanger often and go for an ASE build, then definitely ASE on both nade and shield.