Shield Block Mitigation bug?

So Damage Mitigation seems to influence shield blocking strength. This seems like an unintentional buff giving boldur far more block threshold than he’d otherwise have and maybe gali/isic too.

Is that really a bug? We don’t know any damage formulas used in the game (although one could come up with an approximation) and from what you’re saying I can only conclude, that damage Reduction is applied before Block.

So while you’re actually still blocking the same amount of damage (that being 2000 for Boldur/ISIC and 1000 for Galilea ? I found multiple sources stating different values, guess we’ll see at launch date.), the amount of incoming damage is reduced by your damage reduction.

The result is merely being able to block more attacks, not more damage. I think that compliments the general game speed.

I think it might overpower blocking when you stack a lot of mitigation. Definitely letting me block more, tested it in a private match. I just feel like its an unintentional boost to blocking. (boldur is 1000 base but can helix to 2000 blocking)

I think it’s working as intended. If you want to spend most of your time blocking than anything else you can focus on mitigation. The only other option is nerf Boldur’s initial block capacity, which would make mitigation increase required gear dor Boldur, and I don’t agree with making any gear “required”.

I assume “mitigation” = “Damage Reduction” (the game term)

And it seems intentional. Damage Reduction is hard to come by, and having more than 10% is REALLY hard.

Are you going to complain that +Attack Damage shouldn’t do extra damage to shields? It’s two sides of the same coin.

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Well it becomes an issue when cornered and you can block 3000 damage, a lot of times people on streams have validly questioned the blocking power of some characters, apparently there are other factors besides just how much shield they have, you cant see their shieldblock go down so this can be confusing/frustrating at times

I mean I won’t take a side for now, but you know (as long as the fan made helix is correct) he can block an infinite amount of damage at tier 10. Along with healing 50% pf the damage done to his shield.

I don’t wish for any character to be nerfed including Boldur, but with this I think damage reduction may not be the issue per say. More like people will just need to learn all 30 character helixs, and know that post level 5 and especially level 10 its probably not a good idea to try and muscle through Boldur’s shield. Its better to wait or flank, IDK.

And not calling you out or anything, but where did you see the proof so I could look myself if you don’t mind? Because it could be something like their block capacity scales per level like skill damage. Or maybe damage reduction really is applied, but it is truely intentional.

EDIT: I remember you now, I’ve seen your Boldur mastery on people’s steams. So forget the check I did about his helix. You destroyed EdeMonster when I popped in his stream, keep up the good work. :acmaffirmative:

After watching shieldblocking get MELTED in a stream, i realized from personal experience it should of held. So i invited a friend to a private match and as boldur/ambra tested it out, ambra could break the shield in 20 ticks from her staff beam (50dmg a tick, 1000 hp shield) but with Rage on (mitigation) it took more. Boldur only gets a 2000hp shield from his DeftDefender helix (which updates the figure on the skill description from 1000 to 2000 so nothing else seems to influence this number) This could be intentional and just not stated anywhere or unintentional and making block a little too good in some cases

EDIT: yey :3 EdE is playing some boldur now

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Thinking about it more, a decrease in block capacity wouldn’t be the end of the world for him. With the right helixes you can have rage damage reduction a lot of the time and it could help synergize with his legendary more which, while broken during the Beta, suggests a damage buff when his shield falls. Lower block capacity would help you trigger it more.

I wouldn’t say this needs to happen, but I’m starting to believe it wouldn’t break the character if it did (within reason).

Not to mention the reduction is slowing how quickly your ulti will shield heal you!

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