Shield Booster aim is wonky/bad

It is what it is, I suppose. But this ability could really use some TLC in the aim/lock-on/not-give-you-a-headache department.

Constructive criticism only. Not going to ragequit over it lol but smoothing out the rough edges here would be greatly appreciated.

The only problem I have is when people are too close to me. Besides that I think the lock on works like a breeze.

I think the biggest problem I’m having is when it fails to connect. Maybe your aim should stay up until you connect to a target instead of having it bounce off rocks if you didn’t lock on.

It just isn’t as user friendly as it could be.

I never had a problem with it it locks on and works perfectly unless your not aiming at them.
Your not the only one who has said this though so may i am just good with it.

I’ve aimed at Montana from almost point blank then immediately tried to activate shield boost and missed/failed somehow. There seems to be a component in which trying to activate and fire before lock is achieced gives issues as well.

But yeah, overall it is tolerable… in fact this whole game feels kinda like death by tolerable some days lol.

I’ll still be playing for months to come.

Made a discovery that her shield booster is easiest to aim from mid-range. It has way more range than you’d think it does.

Have you tried using instant cast on your abilities when using her? It makes it amazingly better. Normal cast is horrible, quick works best for some characters, but with Reyna instant is by far the best option

I tried instant, but it really jacks up Oscar Mike’s air strike and a few other characters’ abilities. Wish there was a way to pick and choose.

Just switch between games… I hope they implement the change in the future like smite has where you can set casting type for abilities, but I’ll be honest there are lots of things I’d rather see first. But I switch frequently between the two when I change characters, it can make a huge difference on some characters

I’m too lazy for all that :grin:

Well…its not really a “problem” then lol

Nah getting back to the real problem, you can miss point blank teammates with it, and it’s just very rough around the edges in general.

I hear people constantly saying this stuff “rough around the edges.”

I have no idea what you’re talking about… honestly. Not trying to sound insulting, I just don’t get it. The ability locks on and hits everything I properly point it at when I “fire” it.

If I’m on instant cast, that’s the moment I press the button… on Quick, it’s the moment I release the button.

I’ve never had it “miss” a clear hit. Never. I have, however, missed my aim with it, especially with the delay from quick-firing the ability… which is why I switch it to instant every time I play her, because the ability fires just right, but the way I use it, makes me want it to instantly apply while I’m sighted on someone, not take a moment’s hesitation wherein my aim can travel away.

It’s seriously insanely easy to hit when compared with something like Miko’s beam, which has a mind of its own.

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It is a problem, they had it fool proof in the CTT I dont know what they did or why but It requires you to take an extra second and aim, It has become really annoying. Ive beeged them to fix it in the beta, and since release and have so far heard no response from GBX. Just the usual “switch to instant cast” from other players. But I hate that mechanic.


I have noticed that I have some problems with it too. But the majority of the time my problem is because people can’t stand still for like 2 seconds lol

Glad to see I’m not alone.

Maybe aim assist with a gamepad makes it easier to use, but I have a VERY hard time hitting with this ability using KBM…

From my observation there is a small delay between hitting the key and the shield being applied.
And its checking for the target at the end of this delay, so make sure your to be shielded ally is aimed at at that last moment.

Thats what I have gathered while playing Reyna to lev 12 so far and I m still not able to hit with my shield 100% of the time. It could be a bit more forgiving.

Playing with KBM on the PC btw.

Honestly this problem is completely alleviated by switching your skill activation to instant. Reyna is the only character I currently have mastered, so I have a few games under my belt with her. It means sometimes you’ll shield the wrong BB in a team fight, but it will save your own ass 99% of the time. Just set it to instant when you play her and switch back to quick for everyone else.

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