Shield Boosters not auto picking up anymore

Anyone else having the issue where shield boosters are not picking up automatically after new patch from yesterday?

I think you have it backwards. They weren’t automatic pickups before the patch, and now they are.

it was auto picking up for me fine before yesterday and when i played last night i have to manually pick them up after i updated

Auto pick up is a hotfix, make sure it loaded

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My game is fully up to date. on 10/23 and previous days auto pickup was working fine. Jumped on to play last night, updated everything and boom no auto pickup anymore

If you’re ever getting messages that “updates are available” asking you to exit, that means the hot fixes are not applied to your game and you need to exit.

If the game crashes and you go back in, you’re likely not going to get any hot fixes applied.

It’s a hotfix, not a patch if you load in too fast they don’t always apply

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Wait in main menu until the backround turns to nighttime with jack o’lanterns before loading save.