Shield break stacking glitch

Can gearbox patch this… every public game is some noob playing zane with a level 5 band of sidorak insta killing everything with an SMG lmao the game is a joke currently.

I know it sucks but public matchmaking is not great in BL3. The amount of “gear sharing” that happened in this game did irreparable damage due to the lack of a reporting system, or any kind of enforcement of the ToS. I more or less don’t matchmake anymore. I got use to modded items in BL2 but this wasn’t something that became wide spread until the Handsom collection (atleast on console)

In terms of bugs GBX seems to be up to there neck in glitched and progression blockers in this game due to scaling difficulty and progression and other new systems. If other players are ruining your matchmaking experience I would suggest doing what other suggested I do and find some people hear on the forums or in the discord who are looking for a similar type of experience as you. Rando matchmaking for me seems to almost always guarentee someone in the lobby will start sharing weapons or giving out loot and asking people to watch their stream XD

Idk its rough and I hate that the easiest solution is to just walk away from matchmaking but right now unless you want to hunt down a co op group it’s really the only other solution.

Idc too much about gear sharing but cheating just makes any type of farming irrelevant, hopefully gearbox fix the exploits

No, GB can’t fix this. If they can, they could have done it earlier. Prove me wrong once they fix all the glitches, but until then I am correct.

Level 5 anything doesn’t necessarily mean it is modded. But this;

Is definitely true. It’s too easy to dupe and share gear in this game, just like every other BL game. In the long run, though, I find I tolerate it much more so than BL2 because after countless hours of farming the sheer RNG of this game is rather demoralizing.

The low level shield breaking glitch is very, very annoying, so I feel you on this one. But Zane can also cheese everything in this game so long as he has one class mod so a low level shield is definitely not the bread and butter of those “noobs’” builds.

Cheese is 1 thing but 1 shotting heavyweights with a redistributor is cheating lol

I was more so using the point that players who mod or change there items and then go in to public matchmaking tend to cheapen the experience for people who are simply looking to play the game legit, make new friends and have fun. Weather it be modding or exploring bugs/ un intended mechanics it all comes down to these people who seem to want others to gawk at there “power” and thus go in to public games to try and feed what I would presume is a narcistitic ego. These individual nether care nor understand the damage they do to matchmaking community.

With no tools to combat or counter people doing this outside of bug reports or reporting the player to the platform you play on there isn’t much we can do besides not play with them. I understand the elure of loot sharing but it is in fact against ToS. We share one piece them another all of the sudden half the PS4 Maya players are using a legendary Siren com that has the benefits from the Evolution and some casual players don’t even realize its modded. It’s a slippery slope which is why I steer clear.
As I said if you or anyone dose partake in these practices as far as I can see there is no punishment due to there being no oversight. Can’t catch a cheater if your not looking for them right?

Nah, I have a pretty solid build on my Zane and heavies go down almost instantly. I rock just a simple level 53 xformer, too. The real power here is the sheer strength of the 100 sntnl anointment, and how quickly everything melts due to Playin Dirty.

Edit: he is incredibly boring though, so I hardly play him. In fact, i haven’t actually played my Zane since I leveled him to 53.

Yeah, modding is bad and should be frowned upon heavily. Sharing “copies” of legitimately spawned items is the thing I was saying I really don’t have a negative association with.

Sure thing, boss.

I’ll make sure not to mention any bad words that may get me thrown into detention again.

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Lol dad?

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