Shield characters hitbox broken

So I noticed that any character with a physical shield to block damage can’t be harmed from the front even if you shoot their feet or arms or when you’re on their side and it’s protecting them somehow. It’s not “protected” by the shield but it still blocks damage. I know I’m hitting their feet and arms since my bullets are creating the bullet hit particle effect on those locations. I hate how Isic and gal can just tank stuff (which is fine since their tanks) but then pull up their shield and be completely immune from damage from the front an partially from the side even though said shield isn’t visually covering that area. If I shoot their feet from the front or arms from the side they should take damage. Unless a dev can verify that a mis matched hit box was intended. Has anyone else noticed this?

EDIT: understand that this is a hit box and survibility issue. DPS doesn’t matter here. It’s soley about the hitbox not matching the object and having to guess where it ends. Gearbox already fixed other hit box issues with the maps and AI. Why not fix this too?

That’s pretty common for shield using games. I mean how worthless would it be if everyone just shot at your feet?

I know in the real world that would work but this IS a game heh.


Almost every Other game if not all of them allow you to shoot feet. Overwatch, COD, R6 Seige, division, GoW, Army of two, halo, etc. And you know if the shield is meant to protect feet then it should cover them.
Also You know no one stands still while shielding right it’s not like it’s a huge hitbox esp while jumping and moving around. It’s not supposed to make you immune to everything. It’s just supposed to protect you from most of the frontal damage. If we go by what you’re saying why not just give the characters full 360 protection (This statement has nothing to do with abilities just the shield) even though the shield is only in the front

Aren’t those all actual FPS games? This game has increasing death spawn timers and team fight mechanics with actual archetype roles. No one would play tanks in PvP if everyone know you could just “GO FOR THE FEET BOO!”.

Plus this also has implications in PvE.


Army of two GoW and division is 3rd person.
Also it does have implications it shouldnt make you invincible. It’s not a star power up from Mario. The tank is a tan of health not immunity.
Your only argument is wouldn’t play? All the other games people use shields even WITH those weaknesses. Montana and Kleese dont have a shields bit people play them. My point is if it’s meant to protect the feet it’s supposed to cover them but it doesn’t. It’s not a fair fight when someone is basically immune from all damage just bc of a shield they shouldn’t be immortals just bc of a shield that all they have to do is pull up and walk backwards to never die.
Name ONE game where shield that don’t physically protect feet that it shields them. ive never seen a single game do that. If it’s so common you should be able to name more than one. Maybe 20 since it’s so common

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As a side note, at least Galilea’s Shield does only protect from frontal damage in my experience. Haven’t played much Boldur, but I think ISIC is the only character that actually gets shielded from all directions (due to his Aegis being an Energy Bubble).

Also, no one is immortal just through having a shield. First of all, you have to to use it at the right time. Second, raising your shield lets your DPS take a nose-dive since you can’t possibly shield yourself and attack at the same time. Third, there are limits in place for the amount of damage you can block (I know, Boldur has a Helix to counter that but it’s on Level 10).

I’m well aware how shields work. 1000 damage as gal or 2000 as Isic. By the time you deal that damage they already got away or their shields recharged completely. The every direction thing wasn’t a literal statement. I was saying that if you can’t shoot their feet even though it’s not covered by the shield then everything not covered should be protected. DPS isn’t the issue here. I know you can’t attack and shield. Almost every game I play when someone pulls up their shield they get away in a 1v1. Unless someone helps me by shooting them from behind they get away since they can change their camera faster than I can move around them. They pretty much are immortal at that point since the openings in the shield are still protected. I never literally meant immortal. You take things too literally.
Even when I play these characters I never die. I went three games in a row 20-0 or better. A shield should do just that only shield what the shield covers.
Even if the feet thing was a thing it would still be hard to hit my feet as long as I don’t stand still. I easily jump and swerve and live. I’m not even asking for much. All I want is a REALISTIC hitbox. I bet you wouldn’t be happy if I was rath and my swords never touched you but you died from 20 feet you’d want that fix.

My dwarf running around in space with a tree growing out of him and a magical axe isn’t exactly all that realistic though. It seems to me that GB made a design decision that a character with a shield raised gets the shield effect covering their entire front. I’m guessing they thought the look of those characters having a full riot shield didn’t quite match their character design. Just think of it as magic, because that’s basically what it is anyway.

And also, as someone who plays a lot of Boldur his shield does not give him invulnerability. If I am leading a wave of minions and the enemy team is concentrating fire on me it is going to overheat very quickly and no longer be useful. Of course the shields can take more 1 v 1. But if you are fighting against one of them adjust your tactics, try to get around them or wait for them to drop the shield. They are not going to be killing you when they have that shield up. And lots of characters have an escape mechanic, this is just another one that can be used in that way.

You obviously don’t understand what a realistic hitbox is. It means in games and only games ( you know the place where hit boxes exist) that a object had collision based on what space they take up on a game world. Boulder and his shield already have one. His tiny body is completely blocked by his shield esp when the energy comes out of it that increases its area. That’s a realistic hitbox. Realism and realistic aren’t always the same thing. Think of realistic in this sense as accurate hitbox. And for the last time it IS NOT ABOUT DPS it’s about SURVIVABILTY. I nor anyone should be able to run away with shield facing foes and not take any damage bc the hitbox doesn’t match the object and not die esp when marquis Mike and Reyna are all focusing fire on the shield at once. And they never die bc of it.
Here another example of a bad hit box. There’s a doorway the size of two doors side by side and you can see players on the other side bit you can’t walk through it even though your character should fit in fact your character is a third of the size of the door. And it’s the only way to get to that side. That would be frustrating right.
Or how about this your playing a soccer game and you kick the ball in the net and the goalie misses the ball but the ball still gets deflected out by thin air.
Or I’m aiming at your chest and stomach but I get only head shots. You would think that’s bs.

Your only argument is it’s like this bc it’s like this and that why it doesn’t need to be changed. In games today there isn’t an issue having a hit box match its object. The performance won’t take a hit in the slightest.

You clearly feel very strongly about this and honestly I don’t want to get into it with you because I do not. A couple quick points. Yes, my argument is essentially “it is what it is”. I respect that you want things to change, and I hope your post gets due consideration from the devs. But what they choose to do or not do is what we are going to have in the game. If we continue to play then we have to adjust to it accordingly.

And you are absolutely incorrect saying that I do not understand realistic hit boxes. But I’m not here to cover my ego. My hope is to have constructive conversation that benefits the entire community. I know that is your intention as well.

Keep in mind a character in BB running away from you with their shield up is not going as fast as they would be if they turned around and sprinted away from you. It sounds like you know enough of the game mechanics that you can learn to take advantage of that. And remember, even if they get away and heal that is still time that you have driven them out of a lane and that they are not able to help their team.


Thank you. I sent a message to some devs to see of this was the intention or not. In a game of sight being of upmost importance I just hope they can show this more clearly that it’s not a viable option to attack if it was.

ISIC’s aegis actually only shields him from the front. He has a skill “Rotating Wards” that protects him from all angles. Otherwise, spot on. I agree with what you said.

That 360 wasn’t referring to the ability it was just how if the hitbox isn’t accurate for just the front it might as well be completely inaccurate. Just some reductio ad absurdum. But thanks I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it can be a pain.

Agreed. The shields need to accurately reflect the protected area. If that means making the shields bigger, so be it.

The shields don’t block from the rear, which is easy enough, but what about the sides? Where does the protection stop?

Having this information unclear is a problem.


Really? I haven’t run into the issue with an ISIC’s I’ve faught. The aegis only seems to protect their front for me… I’m confused now so I’ll just gonna take you at your word.

Sorry for the confusion but what I was saying is his shield doesn’t protect from all directions. But WHAT IF it did. I was implying that if the feet being protected doesn’t bother people then making the shield for all characters guard against everything from all directions is fine and might as well be ADDED to the game.

It only shields his front like everyone else, I’ve killed ISIC plenty of times from behind while he was blocking.

These characters have shields because they are tanks/brusiers with little mobility that are meant to soak up damage, bitching about a hit box is pretty much bitching about having tanks in this game. The shield is a mechanic meant to let these characters do their job, putting in a realistic hit box would mean GB would need to buff the HP of shield using tanks since any ranged character could easily abuse said hit box as using a shield makes you painfully slow and easy to hit.

As for shield hit box it’s safe to say it covers about 55-60% of a characters arc since side hits are normally blocked.

Bitching about tanks? Really that’s all you have? As I said before Montana Kleese and Toby (his ability isn’t a shield and it is stationary and has extremely low health and he can still attack while using it) don’t have shields bit are tanks. Not to mention very few games like this with tanks have anything like these shields. Their huge amounts of health Is what makes a tank a tank. But I guess you didn’t know that. So your pathetic argument has already fallen in on itself.
Why is it so hard to ask for a hit box that matches a shape? It has nothing to do with HP. Anyone using a shield can easily move quickly enough in unpredictable patterns to avoid being shot. Which is what you’re SUPPOSED to do regardless in a shooter or MOBA against range characters. If Marquis hitbox was a third of the size of his character but you don’t know where exactly it is it’s the same problem. Mechanics not matching visuals is incredibly important in games. Hit boxes and Collision can make or break a game. You obviously know nothing of game development design or balance at all. What next are you going to suggest the best way to create lumber and cut down trees for wood is to burn the whole forest down?
Also the hole in the shields where it is visibly vulnerable isn’t so big anyone and everyone can hit it 100% of the time. In fact very few shots with visible hits rarely hit the feet even when aiming. If they’re meant to resist so much damage with the shield in places not covered by it it would’ve been easier to make the shield reflect that in the first place with a bigger model. Congrats on bitching about bitching. If youre gonna bitch about an actual concern regarding consistency and visual feedback then might as well delete all forum bc bitching about bitching means forums are useless. That’s pretty much your argument in a nutshell. Or if playing a game that says touch the blue square but all things that you can touch are green circle you’ll have no idea WTF is goin on and you’ll rage. Just like you are now. Ever play superman 64? Or sonic 2006? Collision was terrible in those but they got tons of awards. Oh wait no they didn’t. People HATED them. A real gamer cringes when superman comes before 64.

Kleese is far from a tank my friend he’s a supportive character

A supportive tank is a tank nonetheless. He has a large hp pool compared to other characters as well as abilities to sustain himself and others that allow him to “tank” objectives like a sentry. Plus the hit box is very close to other tank characters. He also has the limited mobility brought up before. His chair is slow even in the air and it can’t change directions.