Shield effects really need to be toned down

Am I beating a dead horse? Probably.

But this is me after playing Zane on M3


The worse part is Barrier CCC Zane is my favorite playstyle, so I just need to deal with it.

Before Launch the VR mission for Vaughn had some distortion that was giving people migraines, so they changed it to be less aggressive. If they gave Barrier the same effect where it’s mostly on the edges that would do so much.

Now for effects there needs to be an intensity slider so you can turn down effects.

Anywho, that’s my opinion, how would you change things to not be constantly blinded?


i would plain remove every damn effect if i had a choice. and this is about 90000th post about this issue. and they are “listening” don worry :d

Honestly I have no idea how a modern title made it to release without a particle slider in the first place.

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I just find it amazing that someone must have played with a blanked out screen at GB as Shield Zane and thought “Jup, this is fine”.

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