Shield effects while "active"?

i might just cater to my 1 hp moze aga…what ever! this is not something too absurd i think

why dont have shields like “weaker” effets while they are active?
you only get stuff when shields are full or depleted
a little tiny detail could change a lot
for example instead of “+10% max health per second while shields are full”
it could be “+5% max health per second while shields are active” :v
an other sustain option
or just…change force feedback with this effect^^

I would bet it is a programming limitation. They would need to program a new shield state of “not broken, not full” in order for it work.

because certain shields make it too easy to keep shields active and would abuse that.

particularly the BBB, Recharcher, stop-gap, and band of sitorak. pangolin shields in general are also really easy to maintain as active.

its not. Armored infantry already has the “while active” clause.

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Armoured Infantry, while shields are active gain upto 18% weapon damage and damage reduction.

Edit: see above