Shield farm for BL3

where can I farm an old guard shield? I have tried everything

old god?
in DLC 2 anywhere

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Sorry yes I meant old God…autocorrect got me. I have been up and down dlc 2 for 3 hours and haven’t gotten a single one. Just wanted to make sure I was in the right place

Amach was a good source for Old Gods. Empowered Grawn too.

I’ve been farming Empowered Grawn and he hasn’t dropped one period. Amach hasn’t ever dropped an ‘Old God’.

I’ve farmed mine from Empowered Grawn. Unless things have changed since then it’s his dedicated drop.
Wiki says it can drop anywhere in DLC2 but I’ve only ever seen it drop from E. Grawn myself.

I fought him about 20 times and got nothing. I think his dedicated drop changed. He kept dropping an artifact I can’t remember the name of it though

Lunacy, that’s also his dedicated drop pool. I’ll go give it a try myself.
EDIT: After giving it 15 or so tries myself, I’m only getting Lunacy. I always thought it was just weighted heavier but I’m starting to wonder if it’s ever even been in Grawns lootpool or if the ones I’ve got are just lucky world drops since he seems to drop a lot of DLC2 world drops. Wonder if that shield even has a dedicaded source in that case.
Also if it doesn’t then that’s just stupid considering there’s a lot of named enemies in that DLC that don’t have a single drop to their name.
EDIT2: Wiki says E. Grawn but lootlemon and general googling suggests it is indeed purely a world drop inside DLC2.

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It’s definitely a world drop. Pick a boss or rare enemy that is easy to kill and you should get it eventually. I usually kill Amach since he is easy to farm.


The 3 or 4 ones I’ve gotten have all been from empowered grawn. Could have been lucky world drops as well I guess

These two lists do not show a dedicated drop for the Old God.

The drop rate list has a note “Only from Named Enemies (Bosses/Challenges)”.

I got my 3 Old Gods all from Amach, but that was several months ago when I was farming for an Unseen Threat.
I’m not doing any shield farming until it is clear that GBX won’t scale them with Mayhem (which I would prefer they did). By the time they make up their minds, I am sure we will get our next level cap raise.

Got mine from Amach, but not tried for a month. Easy kill, travel location close by, and vending machines too.