Shield of Ages on Wilhelm?

The quest in the Claptastic Voyage DLC that involves the temple of Boom, one of the rewards from it is a shield that has INSANE capacity. Combine this with his other skills that boosts shield capacity and 100% shield regen from divert power = never die Wilhelm?

nah, wouldn’t say that. see, the soa has insane recharge delay, so once down, it stays down. uvhm lv 70 enemies will drop it pretty fast. i would rather take a shield with low recharge delay and fast recharge rate (tediore is best, naught is also good).

but till level 60, soa should be ok

But doesn’t divert power instantly replenish the shield 100%? Or is it just a boost to the existing shield regen?

It restores 100%, yes. But the cooldown is 25 sec, longer than any fight goes on. And like i said, enemies will drop it extremely fast. A slam attack from a mob enemy does around 25k Damage already. And besides: It lowers your Overall Health by around 25%, so If you don’t have a reliable health Regen (and wilhelm only has Energize for reliable recovery) and your shield is down, your practically dead. Feel free to try it, but I would’t recommend it.

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Actually, Energize is amazing for this. Energize’s shield recharge is similar to Buck Up but it’s way more frequent, if your shield is down or low, there’s a very high chance Saint will replenish it to 80% (in my experience it’s 100% but I’m not sure) when specced 10/5 into it. Combine that with the effect of the EDD1.E and you’ve got yourself a shield tank extraordinair.

You’re making a good point, but:

  1. the absolute best shield for Wilhelm is the Bulwark, as Lasers are his best weapons.
  2. to fully exploit your vengeance cannon, a shield with more recharge rate than capacity and low Delay is better.
  3. for a pure tank build, a reogenator is better, simply for the fact, that your immunity granted from your shield stays even when your shield is down. If your SoA is down, you’re done for.
  4. if you use this and say that energize will synergize well with it, you are relying in luck. It does not always replenish the shields and when it does, it does not so until around 5-7 seconds after it. If saint replenishes your shields, it Seems like he cannot do it again that fast.

I don’t Want to be rude or so, i like the SoA, i use it on my deputy jack, but it’s Not that good for wilhelm. But it would be interesting to see the effect of divert power, energize, heatsinks and hazmat containment. Should be pretty bulky, though the Damage will be abyssmal.

Fair enough. I prefer an Adaptive shield over a Reogenator though, and I barely use lasers with Wilhelm so it’s not like lasers are his only option

Sure they are not his only options, but his best.

Whatever floats your boat :smile:

Shield of ages on Wilhelm is actually pretty good if you are not into lasers. You are correct on some of its problems.

But you have to try to offset those problems with skills and mods as best as you can.

With Eddie and a Celestial Com and man and machine at 10/5 my shield of ages goes above 300 K.

So now you have to look at skills that will also increase recharge rate and reduce the delay. Heat sinks, energize, divert power, escalation and rapid reinforcement all synergies well to total defense… add fortify for more health and the Eddie can help as well.

No, I actually disagree, The shield of ages can be quite good with the correct build and equipment. I run it a lot in that mutater arena at level nine. But only under certain conditions of the arena. Because some combinations it is just not good for at all.

But you are correct that if the shield gets depleted and your health is at one quarter you better run and throw some transfusion grenades…and pray for rain. And a very quick cool down to Wolf and Saint.

Check out this build, umihotaru had a great idea for a build that uses this mechanic. we discussed pros and cons there^^