Shield of Retribution tree anti-synergizing with its own options

Because of the way Tenacious Defense works, if you invest 3 points AND any extra from a class mod into Thin Red Line, it will not proc if the attack breaks your shields and deals damage in excess of your remaining health (which is most any attacks taken in TVHM Mayhem 3), which makes it absolutely pointless to take both. Being a player that has loved playing shield tank builds this vastly disappoints me. Is this intentional or a bug?


Yeah, it’s pretty lame that the capstone doesn’t play nicely with the other core skills of the tree.

Pretty sure it is a bug, you cant use the Stop-Gap shield either. Its the shield that is suppose to make you invulnerable when shield brakes.

I don’t think it’s a bug, mechanically it makes sense. When your shields go down any extra damage goes through to your health, it’s all the same hit and should happen before any effects can trigger. Normally a character with shields up will be healthy so big hits will trigger the health gate rather than kill you, but thin red line negates that. Both skills are doing what they’re supposed to do and work fine independently. The fact that they don’t work together feels like an unfortunate oversight, but not a bug.

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You should only put 2 points into Thin Red Line because of healthgate

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