Shield Parts Guide: An Analysis of Adaptive Shields

Hello, my name is Hoyle4, and I’ve spent the last couple of days looking at Adaptive Shields. I feel the data I have collected is good enough to share, especially when considering the general lack of solid understanding when it comes to the effects of shield parts. So without further ado…

Before we get started on parts, I want to briefly talk about stats, and what they do for Shields:

  • Capacity : How much Damage the Shield can withstand before depleting.
  • Recharge Rate: How much Capacity the Shield replenishes per second during its Recharge State
  • Recharge Delay: How many seconds it takes the Shield to enter its Recharge State after taking Damage
  • Special: Determines the strength of the unique effects that the particular Shield possesses, such as:
  • Max Health/Damage Resist (Anshin Adaptive Shields)
  • Bullet Absorb Chance (Vladof Absorption Shields)
  • Amp Damage/Drain (Hyperion Amplify Shields)
  • Max Health Reduction (Pangolin Turtle Shields)
  • Roid Damage (Scav Maylay Shields)
  • Nova Damage/Radius (Maliwan Nova Shields)
  • Spike Damage (Maliwan Spike Shields)

It should be noted that Special has NO effect on Tediore Shields.

Now that we have a pretty decent idea about the stats that go into a Shield, we can now talk about the parts that manipulate them. Take a look at this Shield:

![image](upload://wuNTqbr4zSnkm5T1G8jOzLHd90K.png) What you want to be looking at is the Left Section (Hereby referred to as the **Body**), the bottom section (The **Battery**), and the top section (The **Capacitor**). There are 9 different types of Bodies, Batteries, and Capacitors, one for each Shield Manufacturer. I will now refer you to this guide [Link Currently Broken] to help you familiarize yourself with all of these different parts.

Each of these Manufacturer Parts have different effects on the four aforementioned stats (Capacity, Recharge Rate, Recharge Delay, Special), each with varying strengths and weaknesses, however, the actual part (Body, Battery, Capacitor) doesn’t matter.

For example, If you have a Shield with a Tediore Body, Dahl Battery, and Vladof Capacitor, there is no statistical difference between it and another Shield with a Vladof Body, Tediore Battery, and Dahl Capacitor. The only specific parts that changes how a Shield performs are the Torgue and Maliwan Capacitors, which provide Elemental Resistances when they are in the Capacitor Slot (Note that for this reason not all Shields have access Maliwan or Torgue Capacitors), but otherwise perform exactly the same as far as stats go.

Now for exactly how each Manufacturer Part interacts with a Shield’s stats…It’s a bit more tricky, but the following image should give you a pretty good idea on how they work:


If you would like a more tangible way to see how each of these shield parts affects the stats of a Shield, I will refer you to my research on Adaptive Shields, where I have recorded the stats of all 161 unique part combinations that Adaptives have access to.

I welcome you to use my data to help you piece together how Shield Parts work, and I ultimately hope that I have given you a better understanding of the underlying mechanics of the game that we all love.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. I would be glad to assist in any way possible :blush:


Nice guide, very useful information. Thanks !!!

Just knowing this by itself helps a lot !!!

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By any chance, do you know if Adaptive Shields can spawn with an Immunity to an elemental effect?
I don’t think they do because by default they’re adaptive, but that’s only my guess.

Nope I think I mention it somewhere in the Doc, but Adaptives cannot spawn with Torgue or Maliwan Capacitors, which provide resistances to each element respectively.

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You really should make an image of that first table and add it to the OP. :smile:

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done and done, was a little late to start doing Paint, so I did it today :blush:

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Bookmarked. Nice to see an updated guide on the new forums.

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Very…VERY Nice! Thank you!

Had a feeling you’d like it., literally every possible Adaptive is on that spreadsheet (For Willy I REALLY LIke Maliwan-Hyperion-Anshin, especially if you have Heatsinks)

Very balanced combo…and I agree…probably the ideal mix. But not sure if that one is right for me.

Some people just swear by the resistance…and I think Nisha players just want a big cap.

But that one you point out is a very nice blend of all stats .

I am going to start looking for one or something close to it once I take up playing again. and will try it out. I always wanted highest cap with fastest recharge and lowest delay…and was willing to overlook deficiencies in resistance and health.

Yours is a nice compromise.

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The issue with that specific Combination is that those qualities super conflict with eachother, but i’ll look at my sheet and see what I can come up with.

Edit: I’m looking at a Bandit-Torgue-Torgue, Bandit-Dahl-Torgue, or Bandit-Vladof-Torgue potentially, I think Bandit Torgue Torgue gets the closest to what you want, high capacity a 4-ish base delay, and a fairly high Rate.

@Hoyle4 can any shield get any part? Except for fixed part shields (don’t know if those exist), sorry up until yesterday I didn’t know shields have parts lol


For the most part, yes most Shields can get any parts, or at the very least they can get almost every unique stat combination.

There are shields with Fixed Parts (The Shield of Ages, For Example is locked with Anshin Battery and Body and a Pangolin Capacitor), and some Shields that have a limited pool of available parts (Mostly with Torgue/Maliwan Capacitors, as they provide elemental resistances/immunities, but there are others like The Sham that can’t spawn with high Capacity parts, mostly for Balance reasons). For the most part, however most if not all part combinations are available to all shields. (In my Adaptive example you only lose out on 4 combinations due to the inability to have Torgue or Maliwan Capacitors).

Hope that helps :blush:

They should have made shields like the reoganator and sham able to spawn with high capacity parts but have them be rarer drops that would give players more incentive to farm those items extensively

Eh not really a Full Ahshin Sham would be OP, huge capacity and ~90 absorb chance would basically make you unstoppable.

I was being tongue in cheek facetious…while trying not to offend.

Because I honestly did not know where you were going with that and thought.

“Good gracious…I must be stupid…I HATE that combo but he must know something I don’t”…

So I went along with it…LOL

So now I find out YOU were being facetious and I didn’t pick up on it at all…

The one I play with now is Maliwan-Tediore-Hyperion…and It seems to work nicely. I got it from a Golden Key.

Your table shows it not good in Cap…but this one seems OK for Cap…With some shield skills specked and an Eddie and Celestial Enforcer…my cap easily goes over 100k…and my Shield cap BAR is only 9%

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wait what? I don’t know what i’m doing I was actually trying to help. I’m confuzzled… :S

Walk me through that again…pliss :blush:

Mali-Ted-Hyperion is fairly decent, more of a recharge-special base shield (I am only going by Base stats in the spreadsheets). I personally like a little bit higher base Cap if I can swing it just because Wilhelm specifically has quite a few %Cap abilities to help him out there.

Ohhhh you actually like Maliwan-Hyperion-Anshin…

Now I’m a little confused…the delay is average…the recharge poor…good cap though

Health I don’t really care about and no idea on resistance.

I think our difference is that you are looking at the BIG picture…all 5 results…Cap, Delay, recharge, health, resitance

When I am basically concentrating on 3 and possibly 4

I think additional health is a vastly overrated capability for end game play where health gate negates virtually any advantage of MORE health.

Perhaps I have too much Raid fighting prejudice on this…

Does Prefix mean anything to the shield’s ability?? This one is a Hippocratic Adaptive.

Ok so my issue with going heavy into Recharge on an Adaptive shield is that it more or less defeats the purpose of using an Adaptive. I think “Well if I want a shield that recharges fast and don’t really care about the health why the heck would I use and Adaptive when I could literally just use a Tediore or Any other shield with an Immunity to a troublesome element.” .

Also if you consider Recharge Delay reductions (like from heatsinks) a middling delay is more beneficial than a initally low one just because the reduction does more. In our direct comparison examples a base Heatsinks will reduce mine to 2.88/2.51 but yours to 2.01/1.76 [Mine gets reduced by .49/.88 while yours gets reduced by .35/.59] (The Difference in actual decreased recharge delay gets even more notceable the more points you have in heatsinks, where the actual difference between our delays is like .5 seconds)

I personally use Adaptives on characters that have lots of %health and %cap boosts, as they are more or middling quality shields that also provide a bonus to health, while also serving a “Jack of All Trades” quality.

Resistance is sooooo overrated on Adaptives just because you need to take consecutive hits from the same element for them to even do anything. Regardless high Health biproducts a high resistance.

Prefix is a side affect on how much of a stat you have. Hippocratic means high special.

@Maliwankenobi No reason it shouldn’t but i’ll check later