Shield pen didn't work?

So I was playing incursion, and the enemy ISIC was being annoying lol. I was so looking forward to my 100% shield pen helix at level 10 so I could unload my ult right in his face, only to have it met with the dreaded “immune” damage tick. Can someone explain what the hel just happened?!

I’m assuming he had his rotating wards up and it just didn’t visibly show, has happened to me before not only with just Whiskey, but with other characters as well hitting with Immune from extreme distance on Isic only for the wards to show up after a few seconds or if he gets closer they kind of magically popped up and given how fast they dropped when they appeared it was obvious that he didn’t just activate them.

I thought about that, but I didn’t think hitting his wards gave off an immune damage tick… I’ll double check that later :sweat:

Last time I checked they only display damage when you actually hit Isic through a gap in them and immune the rest of the time likely so you can tell the difference between hitting Isic and hitting the ward.

Isic has a helix option which gives a sheild that blocks 2000 damage when ulting

That’s it.