Shield penetrating bullets?

I was farming Crushjaw for a Jericho and for some eridium yesterday and I noticed whenever I ran towards my destination, the anointed girl (I forgot her name) and her little midget (why tinks??? I still don’t get it…) friends shot me and my shield was full, but my health dropped to very low (I used the loaded dice which decreases my health). And another shots killed me while I cracked up the space-rocks at the mouth of the hole.
Is there any hidden mayhem modifier or moze skill that lets this thing happen?
And it always happens but only that part of the map (cathedral of the twin gods) as far as I experienced.

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I take a guess and say you slided and your shield has projector as one perk. When the shield is projected infront of you, your character itself is not protected anymore by your shield, only to the front where it projects to.


You guessed and you won!
I never knew projector shields act this way.
I thought it still protects as a normal shield but the projected layer has a plus protection.
It confused me because my shield value was still up.

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