Shield Penetration and It's Interaction with Critical Hits

  1. Does 100% shield pen allow you to crit? An easy way to test this would be to try Whiskey at level ten with ult on someone with a huge crit. Sadly, I’ve never played him, and I doubt I could even level up that much in a match.
    EDIT: For no apparent reason, it has been confirmed not to. More credence to point number two…
  2. I know it would be complicated, but to make it more useful, should shield pen allow partial crits based of of percentages? (Whiskey and some Oscar builds woupd get full crits). For example, you have 50% shield pen. You hit someone for 200 damage. 100 to shields, one hundred to health. The damage to health would recieved the crit multiplier, and become 150 damage to health. Is that a terrible idea? Does it already happen and I’m just missing it? Is it a good idea?

…I don’t have science in my head but it does work with Shane’s boomerangs.

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That’s very interesting. I guess all her time with Aurox taught her to bypass shields

Shield pen doesn’t crit.
Not sure why the damage occasionally changed from 42 to 53? This was even when shooting the back. Without shields the crit was 63, 42x1.5[quote=“wisecarver, post:2, topic:1546865, full:true”]
…I don’t have science in my head but it does work with Shane’s boomerangs.

Do you have screenshots of this?

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WF’s rather extreme damage drop off? Toby looks a wee bit closer to you in the screen cap where the 53s appear.

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But in the two last ones, neither of us moved. Middle shows 53, last one 42. I didn’t have combat rhythm up in either one.
Or actually it must have just ended when I shot those bullets.

That’s irritating. It really should. Thank you out for the pictures though! Also, I feel bad for the Toby you wrecked

He was a willing guinea pig.

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Wait shield pen items finally works in PVP? When did this start? I used to use item but I realized nothing was happening after the activation of it. Now I can finally use it again for characters without that helix choice.

@Vizard It works, just minor damage and usually not worth it.
I do wish shield pen damage would crit.
Not sure how hard that would be to code, but it would definitely give shield pen a home again, after that Marquis/Sentry/Overgrowth disaster early in life.

Looks like you have his passive activated on the second screenshot. that might be why you are doing more damage.

Yeah, I noticed it too.

And @Vizard, I’m using Helix Shield Pen here, not gear. I still wouldn’t use Shield Pen over Attack Dmg/Speed.

The Only real time id use it is against kleese or Reyna since they’re shield abilities are annoying. That little bit adds up granted mine s about a 1/5 so it’s really situational. But yah mostly I use damage rarely attack speed if it works with the character like Boulder or those legendaries that increases attack speed and powder per hit.

Also I figured since you’re whiskey but gear doesn’t work still as far as I know

Yeah, most of the time shield pen isn’t worth it because it takes away damage going to shield, and that means the shield is going down slower which takes longer for possible crits. It really just eats at your DPS and your team’s DPS. Shield Pen against Ambra and Galilea are actually useful though.
Cause of Overshield, and Sword Beams.

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Yeah, if there’s an Ambra, Reyna, Kleese, or Galilea I’ll probably take the shield pen if there’s not a clearly better choice

What are you talking about? Whiskey’s damage drop off is nonexistent until you get to sniping ranges, and the scope makes it even farther when zoomed.

What this guy said