Shield penetration help

im a master of pendles and ive been experimenting with my pendles loadout and ive noticed that +21% shield penetration and i havent noticed it doing anything

It deals a slight amount of damage to health, through the shield. So 200 damage to a shield would be more like 40 damage to health and only 160 to shield. Only really useful against Reyna, Kleese (not any more), Ambra (kinda), and Shayne.

Yes but I don't really see it help when I use pebbles I see it help more with rath or galilea

Idk why that would be besides his lower sustained damage.

I go for Atk Speed + Gear, Movement+ and the Mutation which brings up to 20 Atk Speed…

I killed an Ambra that wasn’t paying attention, I flailed through her Overshield as if it wasn’t even there. The Augmentation has the Advantage that at some Point Pendles will skip over the slower last hit, making it a very Quick 4 Hit Combo.

That the Movement speed + helps to not be outrun while being shot, making you die rather than kill. I can tell you, if U get killed by an OM who is walking backwards while shooting U in your Face, you wish for any Movement speed you can get.