Shield Penetration

Ok so I’ve been watching streamers play this, and they have fielded my questions about shield pen., basically if it seemed effective or not. I want more insight on this because I haven’t played the game yet and so have not been able to experience.

Con - The biggest case against shield pen (Thanks MaddCowQQ) was pitched in that it does not allow for critical hits against HP. Although you are bypassing the shield you are doing a flat rate based on the characters damage output, and cannot crit. and therefore are wasting upgrades and gear on shield pen. Also useless against Eldrid.

Pro - Basically, Incursion mode. I’ve been watching people backdoor the spiders and wrecking HP while bypassing shield and giving their team the advantage. Besides the argument against how this is lame and should be modified (that could be a separate thread) it is effective in this instance.

I am just trying to get the ball rolling on this one. Looking for legitimate experience as far as effectiveness/ineffectiveness and in what way?


The ‘pro’ has already been patched… so yeah. Shield pen is very situational, I can think of three characters it’s useful on: Kleese, Shayne & Aurox, and Galilea. Kleese because his actual health is VERY low and his shields can get very high. Shayne & Aurox has the same deal really, very high shields although she also has pretty high health. Last, Galilea because one of her helix mutations pretty much double her damage while she has full health; you can render that useless with shield pen.

So far the discussion sounds pretty PvP-focused. Having only played 1 round of Meltdown in the CTT and watched a few gameplay videos, can’t really speak more to that aspect than what has already been mentioned.

Is it too off-topic to speculate how useful shield pen is for PvE? Do most monsters have shields? Are players so strong that it doesn’t matter if they did? I seem to recall at least the boss types had shields, but what about the run-of-the-mill Varelsi?

Shield pen will probably prove useful in certain story missions. I know I’ve heard people mentioning enemies who have very high shields and very low health. In the void’s edge for instance the shield generators in the boss fight have way more shield than health.

On the PvP point shield pen as a way to backdoor is grossly misunderstood. Besides one specific map issue which is being fixed shield pen isn’t a big factor in backdooring. Even someone like Oscar Mike could only get a few points of sentry health via shield pen before also breaking the shield. Most of the backdooring people are complaining about in early access is just them sleeping and not paying attention to that guy sitting in their bunker whittling down their sentry.

From my experience, I played Oscar Mike and usually went with his shield penetration quite often. I felt like it was pretty useful but I think you would at most want 1-2 people on the team with it depending on the characters for the other team. I felt like in team fights that it greatly decreased the ttk, because while the one person is hitting their health everyone else is already taking down the shields. That’s just my experience, I almost always took the shield pen and felt like it was the right choice.