Shield Question for Higher Levels

First time playing BL2 after picking up the Handsome Collection. Probably a stupid question but just wondering why most of the videos I have seen show players around level 72 with a huge health bar but hardly any or no shield power level? Most of the time it is at one and flashing.

Really enjoying THC so far and am at lvl 23 with Axton. Fun to get back into Borderlands after playing the first one back on 360.

If they always have no shields, they’re probably using a Rough Rider, which has 0 capacity. You’ll usually see Kriegs and Salvadors using this shield.

Gotcha. Just really confused me watching some of those time trial vids in the Gameplay forum.


Yeah, the Rough Rider activates whatever skill that character has “when shields are down”.

It may be a speed boost, fire rate boost, etc

All are very helpful in those time trials.

With Krieg it’s melee damage and fire rate.

The other posters hit the nail on the proverbial noggin’.

I use the RR on my Maya and Sal all the time, especially on longer maps where I want to run through enemies in order to reach another point ( Hammerlock, Digistruct, 1/2 of Tiny Tina’s DLC maps, etc.)