"Shield Reboot" Guardian skill with Brawler Shield Amara UNPLAYABLE

Much like “Hollow Point” making the game feel unplayable, the “Shield Reboot” Guardian Rank skill is a complete game breaker when playing as melee Amara and trying to make use of Brawler shields that rely on being depleted to activate their Melee damage buff.

Please Gearbox, sort this out.

Gaining Guardian Ranks shouldn’t close off avenues of playstyles for your character.

Even after the fix on “Hollow Point”, I’m not willing to invest into it because it currently seems unclear whether you can still damage yourself using the perk, which once again for a melee/close range build of ANY character, is game-breakingly bad. Amara specifically has a skill that increases her damage with guns the closer she is to her target, and if Hollow Point still damages the player, it again closes off a playstyle.



@Gearbox is there any fix for this?


@Gearbox I’m adding up to this. I have’n yet invested enough points into survival branch exactly because of it. I’m kinda surprised your game-design division didn’t see that - you had same problem with melee branch for Zero in BL2, where kill skill regenerated shields, while it was obvious that Roid shields would be the best for such build.


So much this. After some time of wondering why a freaking 300% melee damage increase from my shield does nothing for my melee Amara, I finally realized I had this skill unlocked. Was forced to abandon my build.

I think the best solution would be the ability to turn the individual skills on or off, or at least the ability to turn the whole guardian rank off, like badass rank in BL2.

Until it is (hopefully) fixed, if anyone knows any way to maybe “unspend” my guardian rank tokens without losing them, I would be grateful. I know you can delete your profile.bin file, but that would mean losing all my rank progress and also cosmetics and such. It’s funny, the first time in my life I used a cheat engine was actually to try to get rid of my guardian rank.


I agree this is awful. I didn’t even realize this was an issue for Amara until just now when I read your post. I’ve been collecting a bunch of awesome gear for her and it sucks that this is basically unusable.

Some of these skills are also awful for certain Zane builds that I love running.

Please Gearbox, allow us to turn off perks at least. What would be most awesome is if we could turn off individual bonuses, like “Shield Recharge Delay” by itself, without turning off the rest of the bonuses.


Bump* omfg this needs a fix right now!!! How can something that breaks a certain build so bad pass into the game!?!?

Just looked into how to turn this off manualky and for ps4 in storage for borderlands 3 you can delete the user settings and it deletes your gaurdian rank progress and your customized controls but your characters will stay. This is my only solution on pc and xbox it is the same the profile save file is different from your characters. If you delete the profile save it will reset your gaurdian rank.

Another Bump @Gearbox this has to be addressed ASAP please.

ANY shield with effects while depleted are made redundant by the Shield Reboot guardian perk.
And the aforementioned Hollow Point issue working against any close-range build - does it still hurt your own character? If so, can you stop it?

They allegedly already patched the Hollow Point issue. Patch notes get posted in the news section.

With regards to Hollow Point, does it hurt YOUR OWN char? They patched it to stop hurting allies. Is that all tho?

You did lose all the guardian points as well right?

I justed realized this as well. I really hope there will be an option to turn these skills off!

Yeah i i did lose my gaurdian rank doing that but i grinded it back up offline and didn’t get the shield reboot perk this time

anyone that played bl2 knows that recharge perks are impossible to use. i have exactly 49 in the survival tree bc i knew I wanted to see what melee options were available

Yes, from what I’ve read, it still hurts your character because it is considered a user-created explosion (which of course it is). I just wish we could toggle off the specific perks that we don’t want to use on the character we have loaded.

I so want this perk for every character besides my melee Amara, and that is just stupid. Her whole character (voice comments, appearance, and a full part of the skille tree is based on melee!!) So the whole deal is that you can’t get further than a little past Hex Bolts of the middle perks tree if you want to try to do a melee Amara build, because having no shields are central to doing melee damage, and has been since the first Borderlands. A simple solution could be to make the skill perks optional per character, while still retaining the passive perks… I don’t know how that would work! But I do know that creating a perk system that completely kills the idea of one of the main characters in your own game is bad design… That’s it
I hope for my Zane builds sake that you get this sht sorted out because he want that perk, and for my Amara builds sake that you sort this bullsht outbecauseotherwise… melee is dead once you get that perk!!

The most optimal way would of been to treat Guardian ranks much like Diablo 3’s with its Paragon system. With Diablo 3 you could have each character individually spec’d and you could reset it. Otherwise, if anything you should be able to disable your Guardian rank or more preferably disable select Perks and if needed specific stat categories.

Oh and btw Emergency Response, the capstone in that same tree, makes your shield recharge delay slower not faster. Not sure why nobody is realizing this… Maybe they are all smarter than me and stayed away from Guardian Rank.

Please GBX let me toggle GR off so i can treat it like it doesn’t exist like i did with Badass Rank. It’s a poor poor design just like BAR was. If only i hadn’t believed it would be different this time because of the 15% passive caps. Only have myself to blame for falling for it i guess. Now i’m stuck with a skill that makes everyone of my characters worse…

Well, I almost had that capstone unlocked just a few points off. I’ll hold off until I get further confirmation on the status of this “perk”.

I hope this gets resolved so it can stop negatively impacting you.

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Lol thanks. I guess I’ve learned to live with it but to say it was extremely disappointing, is a nice way of putting it. I can’t see them fixing it as i’ve yet to see them acknowledge it, so yeah being able to turn off GR is the only option.